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Crossing keywords ???? (example please)

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if keyfowrds crossing in ad groups for example:

1adgroup keyword: floor installation

and 2adgroup keyword: hardwood floor installation

is it right solution to add negative keyword "floor installation"- phrase in 2 adgroup hardwood floor installation

and  "hardwood floor installation" - phrase in adgroup 1 floor installation


or please any real example how you deal with crossing keywords in adwords campaign.

Thank you.

Re: Crossing keywords ???? (example please)

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Nice question,

You can use ad-group level negative keywords that wont affect other ad-groups in same campaign.
Let me explain in details:

Campaign - A with 2 different ad groups mention below:

1) Floor Installation
Floor installation
floor installation (city names)
Floor installation (area names)

2) hardwood floor installation
hardwood floor installation (city name)
hardwood floor installation (area name)

Negative keyword for this adgroup only:
[Floor installation]
or use other combination and keyword match type you want to exclude from this adgroup