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Create custom combination containing people all lists have in common?

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Hi guys


I have a series of remarketing lists which contain people who have engaged with my project in different ways. Either by visiting a web page or watching a youtube video.


I now want to make a super list of my biggest fans - those people who appear on every list.


I have tried selecting "each of these lists (ANY)" and then choosing each list. But when I do this and then try and use it to create a new Ad Group I am told the potential reach is 0-1k impressions and that I may receive very few impressions.


Some of my lists have thousands of people on and are very likely contain people who have repeatedly engaged with my project.

Is it possible to combine these lists in the way I describe?


Many thanks


Re: Create custom combination containing people all lists have in comm

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Badged Google Partner

Hi Dan,


It's possible and should work as you explained by adding all these lists to a custom combination list using the "each of these audiences (AND)" option. It might take a few hours to have accurate membership numbers.


Now, basically, your "biggest fans" are visitors that are a member of every single (all of them, not any of them) one of your current audiences / lists, so by definition it should be equal or smaller in size than your smallest list. If the membership numbers are not what you expect, then I'd take a look at the logic behind all the different audiences/lists to check if they're not in part contradictory.