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Country Targeting - One Campaign or Multiple Campaigns

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I know similar questions to this have been asked before, but I wanted to give my situation and see what people thought.


The company I work for manages the AdWords budget on a regional level (North America, EMEA, LATAM, etc.).


Currently the account is setup where each country has its own campaign. Ads and LP's are all English (we have some native language campaigns, but those are not in question right now).Nothing else is different about the campaigns, as the keywords/ads are consistent across countries. Given we have limited budget, which is not country specific, certain campaigns get more than others (generally based on volume/performance).


My thinking is that for the campaigns in English, which drive to English LP's and assets, that for efficiency and optimization opportunities it would be better to have these campaigns combined into one by region (for budget reasons). Also, given the account has roughly 120 active campaigns right now, for account management purposes it would make things a lot simpler...without sacrificing much, if any, performance. 


I realize that if it comes to the point that one country ends up eating too much of the budget or performance varies greatly within a regional campaign, I could control budget allocation by location bid modifiers. Or, break that country out into its own campaign.


What are others opinions on this situation?


Thank you!

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Country Targeting - One Campaign or Multiple Campaigns

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Hi Sean,


In my experience separate campaigns for each country is by far the most common approach.


Multiple campaigns for budget purposes makes sense, even if they were all currently sharing a budget, as situations can change.


Time zones should be a consideration, as for many businesses an ad schedule is used to run ads only when they convert best. And ad schedules are at campaign level.


The downside of multiple campaigns that are all clones of each other is that data becomes fragmented. This can be partially remedied by using labels and reporting on labels account-wide. 


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Country Targeting - One Campaign or Multiple Campaigns

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120 campaigns is definitely too much structure. Since the only qualifier for the account structure is region, fewer regional campaigns would be the way to go. 


Of course, with a limited budget, I would focus first and foremost only on the areas that generate the greatest return. If you aren't generating any revenue from a region/country, then could you improve sales by only targeting profitable countries? How much does sales volume/revenue have to increase before you can get additional budget allocated to expansion into the less profitable areas? If you follow the money first, then the account structure should reflect the ROAS.


Country Targeting - One Campaign or Multiple Campaigns

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Managing 120+ campaigns in a single AdWords account could be a tedious task from data and management perspective unless you are using some third party tool to manage/optimize them.


From the top level, if the budget allocation is at the regional level, then it is ideal to structure the account in that manner only, so that the budget challenges can be managed. Similarly, you can pull the AdWords report for the country level data, map it back to the actual leads you got in your database and then take a decision to merge the campaigns or not.


My 2 cents!