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Conversions from Paused Campaign

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Dear all, 


I have just reactivated some campaigns that were paused for 3 or 4 months and that were running on CO.


My guess is that I should go back to manual cpc bidding for sometime so that the campaigns can gather new fresh history and then go again into CO.


Some of these, still on CO, are getting both clicks or conversions though! How?


What is the best decision I can take, given that I m talking about few campaigns and some time to change the settings...?


thanks a lot!


Re: Conversions from Paused Campaign

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Hi Floriana,

Given the time that the campaigns have been paused I would highly recommend going back to manual CPC. Conversion optimiser looks at previous history with more weight given to more recent history.

Because the campaigns have been off for an extended period they may not be taking into account user shifts in behaviour, such as seasonal trends and the like. It is still possible for these campaigns to run, even successfully with conversion optimiser, but given the age of the data that the campaigns are using this performance will be far from optimal especially in the ever shifting landscape of digital.

But as you mentioned, time is a factor. If they are performing within acceptable limits then perhaps allowing them to continue is not a bad idea. You need to weigh up time versus profit margins here and decide if allowing the to run for awhile at sub optimal levels may is worth more then the time needed to ensure that they get back on track as fast as possible.

There is a rule floating around known as the 80/20 rule, and it simply states that 80% of our results on AdWords is achieved from 20% of the work. So your time may be better spent on things such as ad testing/landing page testing/SQR research and the like, it all depends what your account would benefit from the most.

Good Luck