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Conversion rates for mobile devices?

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I'm thinking of limiting my campaigns to desktop computers because I am really shooting for conversions. It seems like I'm not getting any sales from users on mobile devices even though they do click on my ads sometimes.


Are there any studies on whether consumers are actually inputting credit card infomation to make purchases on mobile devices? Or do they typically just browse and then complete the sale on a different computer?



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September 2015

Re: Conversion rates for mobile devices?

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Hey fnippy,


I'm not exactly sure what percentage of mobile searchers are purchasing products online or rather just doing research and buying elsewhere. I would guess that it depends what you are selling and how user friendly the site is. Mobile users tend to be locally focused when searching, so a mobile campaign could be beneficial if you have a physical location that a customer could come to or even call.


Do you have a mobile site? If not, I would suggest targeting desktop searchers as mobile searchers may not have the best user experience on the site if not optimized properly.


If you want to test mobile traffic, what you can & should do is create a mobile specific campaign, that way you can measure this traffic independtly. 


Take a look at the following: 

Google's Go Mo site

Think with Google Mobile Statistics

How Does Your Site Look on a Mobile Device