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Conversion optimizer

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Has anyone any experience of using the conversion optimizer? A number of my campaigns are eligible  to use this tool but i am a bit skeptical of using it, anybody had any positive results with this?







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Re: Conversion optimizer

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Hey Jonny,


Conversion Optimizer is indeed a good tool which can be used to increase the effective ROI of your campaigns. But just before you switch to this setting, it is important for you to understand how it works. This tool will come up with an estimated CPA based on the conversions your campaign has received in the past. I would suggest you to read below references for more details and then think of applying it to one campaign first and see how it behaves. And then later decide to use it for rest of the eligible campaigns. and



Re: Conversion optimizer

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Hey Jonny,

Personally, I love the conversion optimizer... its the tool with intelligence and speed.. and works like a robot all the time!
The CO has made my campaigns perform very well.
A tip before you switch to the CO is that ensure your campaign is completely manually optimized.
Start using the CO only when your campaign performance has flat-lined.
The CO works with large amounts of data and shows the most appropriate ad for every keyword in your ad group. This is something that is very difficult for you to determine(unless you have 1 keyword/adgroup)... It also finds the optimum positions to show your ads...
Doing this on a regular basis maybe very difficult for all of your campaigns.

And just because your campaign is on CO, do not forget about it..
These campaigns need to be checked regularly too.

also, I'd suggest testing CO on one or two of your eligible and completely optimized campaigns first...

The links provided by Pankaj are a recommended read before you use CO.

Happy reading & Happy testing!

AdWords Top Contributor
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Re: Conversion optimizer

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Hi Jonny,

I have run several campaigns with Conversion optimizer. basically this is automatic optimization tools.
This Bidding Features is only eligible when your campaigns has some Conversion data as well as has ran at least 15 days.

But be careful you cant do bulk changing in your campaigns it might create problem in your campaigns

--Rakesh Kumar, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile
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