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Conversion optimizer

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Hi All, 


I need to launch a good amount of new kezwords in this Search campaign that has been running with Conversion Optimizer for the last month. Should I switch back to cpc bidding so that the new keywords have a chance to show?

Thank you for clarything this!



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September 2015

Re: Conversion optimizer

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Hi Florina,


Conversion optimizer uses historical conversion data (including search query) to get most possible conversions for your budget.


As the optimization is based on historicsl data, it will be good to add your new keywords in a separate new campaign. This will help you to test these new keywords without disturbing the present conversion optimized campaign.



Re: Conversion optimizer

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As Deepak mentions it:

"conversion optimiser uses historical conversion data (including search query)." here is a clue!! Smiley Wink



you could download the entire list of search queries that have been triggering your ads in the specific campaign / ad group(s) for the last few weeks / months and ad the relevant ones as a full keywords in their respective ad groups... Since they are already part of the historical conversion data, you'd be just poking AdWords to make sure it doesn't forget to enter your keyword in the relevant auctions... might get some good suprises, and some of them might even be in the list you wanted to add


hope this hleps!