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Conversion decreased 50%, couldn't find the reasons...

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Dear All,


I ask for help again...Smiley MadSmiley Mad


I have an account, since Aug. conversion deceased a lot in SEM. Performance review: 

1) Impression, clicks stable, CTR stable and a little increased.

2) Key converting keywords ads position stable. SOV stable

3) Match type is phrase match

4) Search term is health.


I did some actions:

1) Show high conversion rate ads. Pause low performance ads.

2) Up bid high conversion hours in a day

3) Release budget for converting campaigns. So there is no campaigns are affected by budget.

4) Add converting keywords in RLSA 



But just conversion rate deceased around 50%.... brand term and non-brand terms both deceased. especially in mobile device. 


Could you give me some clues? or is there other directions I could study? 

Do you have some ideas to boost conversion rate?


Million thanks!


Best regards,




Re: Conversion decreased 50%, couldn't find the reasons...

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Hi there,

It's hard to answer questions like this without looking at your account to get a real understanding of what is going on.

When exactly did you see this change? Is it across your entire account or within specific campaigns? You say it is specifically CR that has decreased?

What is a conversion defined as in your account? Is it a sale ? A sign up?

Competitors can greatly effect conversion rates if their offers are more competitive than yours. To me, reading this I think that your offer has simply stopped being as attractive to potential customers. Have you checked competing ads? Has someone started quoting a better deal or lower price?

Also when you say 50% what numbers are we talking?

Again this is a difficult question to answer without an in depth understand of your account and indeed your website and products offered...

Re: Conversion decreased 50%, couldn't find the reasons...

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You can also check the below things,

Competition - Monitor competitor activities at regular intervals (promotions, Prices, Ad Messaging) and act accordingly to avoid risk. (Use auction insights reports to find the top competitors activities interms of ad positions)

Research on new negative keywords & review funnels. If possible do conversion analysis on week-over-week and year-over-year performance data.

Take a look at your analytics.

Website functionality, ensure there are no bugs or errors in your website. Also check site navigation's across the site and make necessary changes to the site if navigation is not done properly.

Perform your conversion actions in different browsers.


Re: Conversion decreased 50%, couldn't find the reasons...

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Hi Abbie,

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions

The exact time of conversion number decreasing is since 23rd.July. the whole campaigns shows decreasing trend. and conversion rate serious fall on 1st Aug. still didn't resume to previous level.

Impression,clicks and CPC are almost stable, but CR decreased .

Conversion in this account means fill in an application form.

Decreased 50% means conversion number. for example, in July, the conversion number is 400, in Aug, just around 200. and brand campaign and non-brand campaign decreased 50% at the same time, which means (200 in July --> 100 in Aug )

I have checked competitors' ads. most competitors' ads are the same as before, just one competitor have big promotion recently. but I can't measure it has so big influence on this account...

Thank you