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Conversion URL report

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Hi there,


I've been having issues with my conversion tracking as of late, adwords is showing about three times as many conversions as our own stats. As we run most of our campaigns on Max CPA settings it's vital to work with the right information.


I thought about downloading a report that would show me the conversion URL's per campaign, this would help me as there is one specific campaign that shows 101 conversion in Adwords versus 33 in our stats. By looking at the conversion URL's for this specific campaign it might help me find the issue.


My question: What would be the easiest way to see these conversion URL's per campaign?


Thank you,

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Re: Conversion URL report

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Hi DeBeenus,


It there a chance your customers from that campaign do not convert on the first visit but, instead, convert on a subsequent visit to your site within 30 days? AdWords would report that as an AdWords conversion while Analytics would report that as an organic conversion.


Have you looked at the multi-channel sales reports? YOu might find some insight there.


Best of Luck!




petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: Conversion URL report

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Hi Pete,


thanks for your reply! The stats I am looking at other than Adwords are our internal stats, basically the most important numbers :-)


You might have a point, I would expect the 'post click conversion percentage' to be around 10 to 15% though, for this reason the 300% would sound a bit too much.


I looked at my Adwords stats and own stats for the past 30 days for this specific Campaign. Adwords shows 581 conversions whereas my stats show only 30% of that. So basically Adwords is tracking something that should not be tracked.


Is there a way for me to see the converting pages per campaign?



Re: Conversion URL report

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Hi, DeBeenus.


AdWords is tracking every page on which the conversion script appears as a conversion. If, by any chance, somebody can access a URL which triggers the conversion URL after converting, you'll see more conversions than necessary.


Also, have a look at one per click versus many per click conversions. If, by any chance, the user can do what I told you before, and you're comparing many per click conversions to internal conversions, that's plausible, again.


I've recently seen a poorly implemented conversion script which reported one conversion on the "thank you page", and it was reporting it again after the customer clicked on the order confirmation e-mail, in the "my orders" section.


As for your last question, you cannot see the converting pages per campaign, you can only see them per account. Did you look at "Tools and Analysis" - "Conversions" - "Webpages"?


You can take the URLs which generated a conversion from there. With that list of URLs you could go to Analytics (fingers crossed you have it implemented and linked to AdWords) and look at your Content - Pages report. With the URLs as the first dimension, and filtering for each of the URLs which have reported conversions in AdWords, you should choose "Campaign" as the secondary dimension.


That report will show you each campaign that sent you visitors who accessed the converting URL. You will see (not set) in that report, because direct visitors, referrals and organic visits will not have a "Campaign" as origin for that visit.


Also, please pay attention to what Pete told you in the previous message: "multi-channel funnels". That area of Google Analytics shows you clearly who steals from whom, as there's a vital difference between conversion attributions in AdWords and Analytics.


For every conversion which happens within 30 days of an AdWords click, AdWords claims that conversion for itself. Analytics, on the other hand, gives that conversion to the last source, except direct. Organic can "steal" from AdWords, and "referral" can steal as well.


What's very important is the following: is the total number of conversions reported by your system larger or smaller than the AdWords conversions? If it's larger, then it is likely that organic and referral may have stolen from AdWords, and while the total is correct, there's an attribution issue. If the internal number is smaller than AdWords, I'd check for the conversion script being placed in inappropriate sections if the websites, or for conversions being reported at a reload of a page.


Hope I made some sense.

Calin Sandici, AdWords Top Contributor | Find me on: Google+ | Twitter | LinkedIn | myBlog
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