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Conversion Tracking Question - Values & Ad Rotation

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We have a AdWords campaign that has 3 conversion values ($0, $15 & $30) and I have a question about how the ads are rotated when the conversion tracking is on.  We see that the ads rotate simply based on the fact that any conversion happened and the ones with the highest value are not treated differently than those with a $0 vaule.


Can anyone tell me why AdWords does not rotate ads based on the conversion values that we have set up rather than the fact that you are measuring a conversion in the same Ad Group?  


Is there any policy statement from Google or a list of upcoming features where this might be discussed?


Thank you!



I do know about Conversion Optimizer.

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Re: Conversion Tracking Question - Values & Ad Rotation

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Hi Smart_Questions,


The conversion value you specify during conversion tracking implementation is a value that you assign to a conversion. It is a measure which you can use to calculate your ROI. But that value doesn’t have any influence/effect on ad rotation. Ad rotation is a completely independent mechanism, which operates based on one of the four rotation options available/selected.


Optimize for clicks: Show ads expected to provide more clicks.

Optimize for conversions: Show ads expected to provide more conversions.

Rotate evenly: Show ads more evenly for at least 90 days, then optimize.

Rotate indefinitely: Show lower performing ads more evenly with higher performing ads, and do not optimize.


The second option (optimize for conversions) works based on the number of conversions, not based on the values of conversions.