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Conversion Rate

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Hello All,


I have one problem in Google AdWords.

Actually, I am getting 28 Conversion Clicks. In conversion value is "ZERO". My project is E-Commerce and platform is 3D Cart. I have done all setting as per instruction. I have added this code at footer before body tag is closed.


<!-- Google Code for Final Sale Conversion Page -->
<script type="text/javascript">
/* <![CDATA[ */
var google_conversion_id = 1001864006;
var google_conversion_language = "en";
var google_conversion_format = "2";
var google_conversion_color = "ffffff";
var google_conversion_label = "-HcQCMqs0wMQxvbc3QM";
var google_conversion_value = 0;
if (<%= totalValue %>) {
var google_conversion_value = <%= totalValue %>;
/* ]]> */
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script src="googleanalytics.asp?orderid=[orderid]&as=1" type="text/javascript"></script>
<div style="display:inline;">
<img height="1" width="1" style="border-style:none;" alt="" src=";label=-HcQCMqs0wMQxvbc3QM..."/>


Let me know How I can see conversion value or How I can know client has get business through?


Please help me. 

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Re: Conversion Rate

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Hi Maulik, I'm not sure if the "28 clicks" are a problem or if you're just saying you've seen activity, so I'll concentrate on the conversion value issue.  In your code, you'll see the line:


var google_conversion_value = 0;


you'll need to use your preffered scripting language to dynamically alter the "0" here to be the total value of the sale.  For example, in PHP you would alter the line to be something like:


var google_conversion_value = <?php echo $BasketTotal;?>;


where $BasketTotal is a variable holding the value of the sale.  As a side, your Google Analytics code should now be placed in the <head> of the page, immediately before the closing </head> tag.  It moved from the foot some time ago.  Your conversion code simply needs to be somewhere in the script that is run only when a customer completes a sale.


Hope this helps,



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Re: Conversion Rate

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Hi Maulik,


I found this page in the 3D Cart Forum. Hope it helps.


Here's the important part:


         <!--start block 2-->
         <!-- Google Code for purchase Conversion Page -->
<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
var google_conversion_id = xxxxxxxxxx;
var google_conversion_language = "en_US";
var google_conversion_format = "1";
var google_conversion_color = "FFFFFF";
if ([BALANCE]) {
  var google_conversion_value = [BALANCE];
var google_conversion_label = "purchase";
<script language="JavaScript" src="">
<img height=1 width=1 border=0 src="">
<!--end block 2-->

Best of Luck,



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