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Conversion Rate on Sitelinks

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Hy everyone,


I would like to know if it's possilbe to get the conversion rate (many per click) for sitelinks in Adwords Editor? 


I would lile to include this as metrics but i'm not sure that it is possible at the moment.


Thanks a lot.



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Hi VincentK,   I am not quite sure whether this facility...

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Hi VincentK,


I am not quite sure whether this facility is yet available with Adwords editor or not. But you can refer to these notes of  latest Adwords Editor version 9.7.1.


But as far as the conversion rate of your sitelinks is concerned, you can use the Click Type segment to see how many people who clicked on your headline, sitelink, get direction etc... converted for you or not.


Just a thought!


Conversion Rate on Sitelinks

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Hi Pankaj,


Thanks for your answer. As a matter of fact, this metrics is neither available on Editor or on the online version of Adwords. I think that I will send a request to Adwords to see if there is a way we can integrate theses features or not.


Thanks a lot anyway.




Adwords Feedback Form

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Hi VincentK,


Google had a Feedback Form for suggestions regarding the Adwords platform.  You can access it here



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You could tag your sitelink destination URL's, and at lea...

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You could tag your sitelink destination URL's, and at least see the data in analytics.


Check out Kim's blogpost, it's the best resoure I have found on how to impliment, (more importantly) and track sitelink data.