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Conversion Optimizer and Imported leads

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Because our sales are verified after a user's session has ended, we can't use the conversion tracking code to fire on sales. Instead we are starting to collect the GCLIDS and map these to sales, then import this data back into adwords, likely once a week.

My question is, will the conversion optimizer work well for me, bidding on a CPA basis, even though I'm not providing real time conversion data? Adwords will be able to use all my imported data, but there will be continually the most recent week showing no sales until I upload the next spreadsheet with our conversions.

How does adwords deal with the missing data until the next batch of conversions are imported? Does it just keep adjusting when it gets the new data? Is trying to use the optimizer in this case a bad idea?


Any help or experiences with this are greatly appreciated.



Re: Conversion Optimizer and Imported leads

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Hi Laura,


Is the main purpose of your website lead generation and to get users to fill out a form?

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Re: Conversion Optimizer and Imported leads

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They sign up for a free account and upgrade later.

I found an answer somewhere from Adwords that for this to work well I will need to upload my conversion data daily. We are going to build a script to upload the conversion data to Adwords every day, using the Adwords API. Bit of a pain but hopefully once it's automated it will be almost as good as having the conversions come straight into the account.