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Conversion Optimizer & Conversion Value

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I am running a campaign and have a couple of different conversion values. Meaning, some of my customers are of more value.  I would like to use conversion optimizer in a way that would tell Adwords what I consider a conversion and what is not.  However, can I tell Adwords get more of the higher valued conversions. 


For example, let pretend a person who fills out a partial form is a value of 5, but someone who fully signs up is a 10. Can I tell Adwords... please keep sending me both conversion types, but if you can find me more "10" that would be great? 


I hope that isn't confusing. 

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Re: Conversion Optimizer & Conversion Value

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This is a good question.


You can use Target ROAS bid strategy to achieve a target spend on more valued conversion type. AdWords system would then adjust bid automatically to get increase your conversion value. I haven't had a chance to try this out yet, but seems to be an interesting feature.


Also, please fell free to update this thread about results you've been getting. More about this bid strategy here.


Good luck,


Sumanth Sridhar
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Re: Conversion Optimizer & Conversion Value

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Hi Life,


AdWords has a relatively new feature that allows you to specify whether a particular conversion tag should be used for optimisation and this may help in your situation.  Essentially you can tell AdWords to count "this" conversion for optimisation purposes but not "that" one.  So, you could try setting up two conversion tags, one for the 5 value conversion and one for the 10 value, then tell AdWords to disregard the 5 one for conversion optimisation purposes, this should mean that the optimisation process will focus upon the 10 conversions.


Although you could simply rely upon conversion optimiser aiming for a specific cost/conversion, as Sumanth has suggested, I think the risk here is that you could simply end up with more 5 conversions than 10s.  Obviously 10 conversions at value 5 have the same total value as 5 conversions at value 10, so it may not get you more of the 10s, if you see what I mean.


Read more about conversion options.



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