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Conversion Improvement

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Hi Experts,


I want to increase the Revenue. Actually the spent budget is more then the revenue price. So please advise me, How can i improve it.




Re: Conversion Improvement

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Hi Divya,

We all expect better conversion when ready to try Google adwords or other platforms. You should promote your services/products which have better demand in the market. Exclude services/products which are very common and less price. Generally common products/services have higher CPC.

Use keywords with exact or phrase match type, check your settings, target, bids, audiences in campaigns.

Hope this will help you better.


Re: Conversion Improvement

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Hi Virendra,

Thanks for your suggestions.

I am promoting those products which are in most demand. I am using all keywords in "Broad Match Modifier" type. I am getting most conversions from 2-3 keywords per ad groups (From past 12 months), So i mostly concentrate on those keywords.

Please suggest.