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Control When PLAs show?

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I'm getting way too many broad searches that trigger my ads. This is almost a full time job checking the search reports each week to add negatives on every single PLA Ad Group. And of course the Ad Group with the highest bid have the most impressions and clicks. Love paying for searches I don't want the ad triggered for. The PLAs are essentially broad matches w/ pictures. 


Anyone have ideas on how to better control when your PLAs appear? Or thoughts on the subject.

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Re: Control When PLAs show?

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You're not alone. They get triggered by categories alone, brands alone and sometimes by product-related queries as well.


I have found several things that work:


  • negatives
  • lower bids
  • not targeting products with a low conversion rate (and only bidding small amounts for "all products")


You can even add negatives preemptively, but make sure you do not add them in too broad a match.


They are broad matches with pictures, indeed, but those pictures do sometimes mean a thousand words as opposed to the 25+35+35+35 you usually get on search result pages.


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Re: Control When PLAs show?

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I agree how the pictures from PLAs are much more attractive than text ads. Despite the frustration, we are seeing excellent CTRs and Conversion Rates. The conversion numbers are slowly creeping up and competing w/ conversions from text ads.  


I set up Ad Groups per product. Just a better way to track success than setting up for an entire category. Easier to bid that way as well. And I only add exact negatives. Phrase and broad would just hurt it.


Thank you for the tips. Adding keywords preemptively will help. But there will continue to be ones that slip my mind, especially w/ misspellings. 


Again, appreciate the help. Glad I'm not alone.