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Content media types / Ads / Keywords synergy > My MD thesis

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Hey everyone, 

I'm in progress with my thesis which is named "Synergy factors between keyword types, Google paid ads and content media types".


Basically, when you click on an ad you see complex of content media. My aim is to research what is better: text or video and for which keyword types (informational, commercial, local, mixed).


For that I need to make an experiment where I should get traffic from Adwords to landing page in which I want:


To present 200 text with button "Was it helpful"

To present a video and below same button.


My questions:
Will Adwords team approve my ads if I wll have JUST a video and JUST a text (two landing pages) with buttons on each?


Also I'm trying to put a third independent factor - manipulation of paid ads like where you put keyword, cta and text density but I don't know if that's any good yet Smiley Happy


So, that's it. If you have any suggestions, please shoot and I'll try to enhance this experiment!


Thank you!

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Content media types / Ads / Keywords synergy > My MD thesis

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Hi @Vytautas P,


I'd suggest you create two blogs on One with text and the other one with  images or video on them. Then you may want to put a poll with check boxes on both of them which is an integrated gadget. Such solutions are cost free and AdWords will approve them provided the contents are decent. 


I'd add though that I cannot see the point in the experiment. What is better mostly depends on what your goals are. Okay, I see you are learning and in progress with your thesis and honestly that's really good. Break you leg at the exam!