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Confused as I am new here at Google Adwords

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the campaign was performing good since december, quality score is 10/10, we were doing very good in terms of sale. All of a sudden a competition comes (which is acceptable) but we are now showing on right side of Google Search results page, even if the quality score is high and everything is as it was before. 


Please help in understanding what might have gone wrong.


Thanks in advance,



Re: Confused as I am new here at Google Adwords

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HI Chris13


Welcome to the AdWords community :-)


Please see the following articles about ad position, I think you will find them useful-


Getting your ads above Google search results

Understanding ad position


Quality score is a very important factor in your ad rank, but as you already have good quality scores you may want to consider increasing your bid amount.


Wishing you the best of luck :-)


Kind regards