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Confused about Dimensions>Hour of Day

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I am running a campaign in Brazil, and when I look at dimensions>Hour of day


I see most conversions happen between 7AM and 5PM


Is this BRAZIL time, or my time (which is UK timezone, so when its 7AM in brazil its 12PM  on my time.


I am extremely confused by this,  


to target 7AM-5PM under ad schedule,  would I start the add at 12PM, or 7AM -- very confused if the dimensions are based on brazil time or my time.   


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Re: Confused about Dimensions>Hour of Day

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Hi Atila
Great question. The timezone in GA is the timezone set in the GA timezone settings in admin. The AdWords timezone settings are in the AdWords admin settings. These can be different.

They can also be different than the timezone that you're in (UK). Neither AdWords nor Analytics pay any attention to the timezone of the person looking at the report.

Hope that clears things up.

Re: Confused about Dimensions>Hour of Day

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So if it shows under


that most conversions occur 7AM-5PM -- that time is BRAZIL time?

So when I set the ad schedule I actually have to set it based on my time, so calculating the time difference 7AM in Brazil is 12PM on my time, and 5PM brazil time is 10PM my time.

Re: Confused about Dimensions>Hour of Day

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Good morning.


Go to the settings for that AdWords account and check to see what time zone is set. If that time zone is the same as the one for Brazil, then the hours shown in the Dimensions report are accurate and show the hours that ads were shown in Brazil.


If that account-level time zone is not the same as the one for Brazil then, yes, you will need to adjust the ad schedule.


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