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Conflicting Exact match bid info

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Last week, Community member Lakatos kindly pointed out that Est. top page bids are base on a combination of QS and CPC performance of the Exact match of each KW phrase.  That makes sense.  


Yesterday, I came across conflicting bid data.  


As seen in the image below, the Est. first page bid for XYZ is $.75 (based on the Exact match, according to Lakatos).  Yet historical data for XYZ (Exact Match) show $.56 Ave CPC, with a Ave Pos of 2.4.  Bid data for both are supposed to based on Exact matching, so shouldn’t they be the same?  The difference between $.56 and $.75 is 34%.


(Another question I posted separately states:  For the BMM match type of XYZ, why is the First page est $1.50? The Exact phrase match costs me $.56 to appear in the top 3?)


Thanks to anyone with insights.  


Thanks also to Lakatos for giving me info to get this far!  






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Re: Conflicting Exact match bid info

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Hi Chris,


I think the most important thing to understand about Estimated Top Page Bids and Estimated First Page Bids are that they are Estimates.  You may never find exact numbers as there are just too many factors involved including competition (Which change for every single auction).  If you're coming in under those estimates in your CPC's then you're doing great! 


I'm sure you've seen it but there are some further details available here:


I don't want to overlap answers and questions here and Jon has addressed your other query about BMM here:





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Re: Conflicting Exact match bid info

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I believe you're confusing the two things. The estimated first page bid is $0.75 which indeed may be based on the exact match of the keyword. However, your actual data will be different. You seem to expect they will be the same. Why would they? There's no reason to expect the CPCs to be the same.


Sure, your QS will be exactly the same (they are the same keywords in different matches). But each keyword will be shown at different times with different competitors and different conditions each time. Hence there will be differences in position and actual cost.


The BMM type is different. It's apparently not treated the same. The system does not appear to remove the plus signs thus making a match to regular broad, phrase and exact. Hence, different estimates.


>> The Exact phrase match costs me $.56 to appear in the top 3?


Apparently so. Note that your average position is 2.4 which means that, on average, your ad is in the top three. You may have had some impressions show in first, likely most in second and third as well as a few in fourth and lower positions.


Hope that clears things up.