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Concerns over Conversion Optimizer

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I'm currently using Enhanced CPC but am interested in switching to Conversion Optimizer.


However, two things concern me:


1) I currently have similar Exact and Phrase match keywords in the same adgroup, with Phrase Match set to a lower CPC than Exact. If I use Conversion Optimizer do I need to separate match types into their own Ad Groups (ie not mixing Exact and Phrase in the same ad group)

2) What happens when I add new keywords to a campaign ?  There is no conversion data for that keyword ....

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Re: Concerns over Conversion Optimizer

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Hi Richard,

These are great questions. I'm hoping I can provide some insight for you.

1) You can use flexible bidding to set different CPA targets for different keywords in the same ad group. You can also just have exact on CPA and phrase using another bidding strategy. Separating match types by ad group and use different CPA targets for each group will work as well. It's up to you, whatever would make management easier.

2)I'm not sure exactly what the system does when you add new keywords, but if I'm just adding a few keywords to my campaign I haven't seen any issues with just letting it run. If I'm adding or updating many keywords, I'll turn off CO until those keywords start to get more data. You can also use flexible bidding here as well and when you add new keywords use manual or max click bidding until you feel comfortable switching them to CO. I do this for my campaigns where I have some keywords that generate many conversions and others that generate few or no conversions to better control spend.

Hope that helps and please let me know if you have any other questions!

Re: Concerns over Conversion Optimizer

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Good morning.


#1 That should not pose a problem. Having different match types in one Ad Group is a strategy many advertisers use.


#2 The system will "test" the new keywords for conversion potential, then add them to the mix as appropriate. However, I do tend to wait to turn on Optimizer until I'm fairly certain I've identified the "good" keywords and have them active in my campaigns. 


Hope that helps!  

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Re: Concerns over Conversion Optimizer

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Thanks to Bethany and Theresa for posting some great answers to Richard's questions. Kudos!