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Complete Campaign Revamping

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I just took control of a large adwords campaign that targets thousands of keywords across quite a few different campaigns and ad groups, with a bunch of ads already present in the ad groups.


I need to improve our quality score in hopes of getting better placement, but I can not discern any way to really do this that is even realistically possible.


If you have an "ad group", are the ads across that group displayed based on quality score? If I wanted improved quality score for my keywords, do I have to make a completely new ad group with only one advertisement present and have it only target a very specific set of keywords, or is there a better way to do this that would be easier with such a large amount of information to work with?


Please help!

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Re: Complete Campaign Revamping

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Hello PaulPd0



"If you have an "ad group", are the ads across that group displayed based on quality score?

Ads are displayed based on AdRank  that is   bid*QS


In the article section of the community (on the upper navigation bar), you'll find many valuable articles about improving the quality score;

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Re: Complete Campaign Revamping

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Good morning - 


Allow me to mention that I've taken on managment of several AdWords accounts containing poorly organized or underperforming elements. It's quite 'realistically possible' to make dramatic improvements in keyword quality scores and campaign performance, regardless of the size of the account. (Obviously, it won't happen overnight or without a fair amount of work.)


Forgive me if I'm making an incorrect assumption, but your use of "ad group" in quotations like that suggests that you're not an experienced account manager? If this is correct, let me say that you'll find a wealth of valuable information in the AdWords Help center. I encourage you to browse the articles of interest to you.


More specifically, my personal approach to a task like this is to run a variety of reports from both AdWords and Analytics and analyze campaign performance data both short-term and long-term. For an account the size that you mention, this analysis, including cross-referencing across different reports, can take several days. I then build a nucleus of good elements, based on whatever the client's goals are, and use that nucleus as the foundation of ad serving going forward.


I think you'll find that two programs--AdWords Editor, Google's offline account management tool, and a good spreadsheet program--are your best friends in this process. Smiley Happy  


If you have specific questions, please post them!

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