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Competitors using the same key words, how can I come above them?

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For example, let's say I own a dog toy company, and I want to make sure my dog toy ads are above the other ads from competitors. Do I have to increase the bid? What should my daily budget be?

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Re: Competitors using the same key words, how can I come above them?

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Hello and welcome,


It's a good question and I am sure each advertiser has this in their mind when they tend to start Google Adwords Smiley Happy


My opinion on this part would be to first look for the objectives what you really want to accomplish while working on Google Adwords. Is it ROI, brand recognition or what?


Similarly identifying the right set of keywords, creating good enticing ad copies and linking it to the relevant landing page of your website is the real ingredient when you tend to achieve success on Adwords.


Honestly I won't mind coming in the lower position below my competitors till the time I am achieving my goals effectively i.e. leads, phone calls, sales etc...


If you are really looking to achieve higher ad position, you will have to work on the Quality Score, relevancy, CTR of your keywords and will have to make sure that these metrics are excellent. Then only your ad rank would improve. Technically Ad Rank= Bid multiplied by Quality Score of your keyword. If Quality score improves, you will have to pay less and your ad rank will improve automatically. For more details refer to this video of Google's Chief Economist Hal Varian:



Also, you can read more in the below reference how to target ads above google search results:


Hope that helps!


Re: Competitors using the same key words, how can I come above them?

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Unless you have a truly unique product or service, you will always have competitors advertising in your "space".


Just as everyone wants ot be "top of Google" on the prgnic searches, so severyone would like to be top of the sponsored links (ads) but - at the same time - they'd like to pay a few cents...


As Pankaj points out Quality Socre is important and you should (of course) work to imporve that. but you also need to realise that you need to look to your own profitability, and tha does not necessarily mean getting to the top of the results.


Instead it means finding a balance between what you spend and what return you get that works for you. I have seen situations where increasing the bids to fight a losing battle against a competitior pushes a campaign out of profit and into a loss istuation.


Try not to get involved in spitting contests - there's always someone who can spit further.