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Competitor Company + keyword is a wasted click - help?

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Hi all,


We are using the following keywords in phrase match:

web design

website design


However, we are receiving clicks from users searching:

*competitor* web design

*other competitor* website design


But we get quality clicks such as:

web design company

best website design


Therefore, we want phrase match but not exact match. Is there a way to eliminate these queries that include potential competitors by using phrase match? 


Keep in mind that the competitors are always new (sometimes never hearing about that company); therefore, negative keywords is not the best option. 





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Re: Competitor Company + keyword is a wasted click - help?

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Spell it as #competitor# web design
#other competitor# website design

Re: Competitor Company + keyword is a wasted click - help?

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I'm not sure if I understand your response. Are you saying we should add the competitor as a negative keyword?

In most cases, we have never heard of the competitor; therefore, it would not solve our problem (because we don't know all the possible competitor negative keywords to include).
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Re: Competitor Company + keyword is a wasted click - help?

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I'm afraid I don't know what the previous person was suggesting either.


However, I also don't know of any way to block searches without negative keywords when you're using phrase match.


If this is a large problem in your account--that is, if you're getting a lot of clicks on those competitor names and those clicks aren't converting for you, you might try expanding your list of (positive) keywords to include your known, high-quality phrases (like web design company and best website design), which might eventually help you eliminate the original phrase match ones that are a problem?


Or, you know, you might take advantage of the opportunity?  Try testing a landing page that does a really great job of focusing on your company's own unique value proposition and driving that phrase match traffic to it. You might find that some of those competitor name searches convert for you?


Hope that helps!

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