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Competing Adgroups Same Remarketing Lists

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We have multiple display remarketing campaigns running at the same time. They all target same audiences (e.g. people who visit certain section of the site over the last 7 days). We set the same exact max CPC bid for these audiences, across different campaigns. We typically find that 1 or 2 out of the 20-25 campaigns end up getting the most number of impressions and rest of the campaigns do not get much impressions. 


The nature of our business is that we have to run 20-25 campaigns at any given time, for different brands that are on promotion. Since these campaigns are targeting same audience buckets, we are wondering if the low CTR adgroups are losing out/ competing against the high CTR adgroups and therefore are not receiving much opportunity for impressions. Is there any suggestion/ ideas on how to overcome this?




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Re: Competing Adgroups Same Remarketing Lists

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Hi there;

On the display network if you structure your campaign properly you could win more than one ad-slot. So, the answer is: yes. Some of your ads are losing to competitors and to other ads of yours.
Increase the bid, and consider restructuring the ad-group by banner size and bid higher on the bigger banners.

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