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Company has 3 adwords accounts running same keywords in Atlantic City.

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One company Hunkomania has 3 Adwords listings in Atlantic City funneling customers to 1 location. They also decided to start spamming Google Maps and Places by trying to create accounts using the rear entrance of the same building.  Her is the link that shows Hunkomania, Hunkmania and Manhattan Men abusing Adwords. You will also see that it is the same building on the map and a Google Places listing for the rear of the building. If you Google the Adwords location 2120 Pacific Ave Atlantic City NJ 08401 you will notice that it is really the 40/40 Club and not Hunkomania as indicated in their spam Adwords account.

They have been constantly gaming Google Products like this for years. Is it possible to ban the URLS?

Adwords, Maps & Places Spam - all on one page.

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Re: Company has 3 adwords accounts running same keywords in Atlantic C

Badged Google Partner
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Badged Google Partner

If it's the same services, pricing and brand, then that may be a violation of Google's double serving policy.


Here's the quote from the link/doc.


To comply with this policy, advertisers should avoid running ads from different accounts on the same or similar keywords that point to the same or similar websites. Violations of this policy occur when multiple websites share Common Ownership (defined below), plus when two or more of the following factors are present:

  • Common product offering: For physical goods being sold, the sites share products in common such that a user browsing the site would perceive little difference in inventory between the sites.
  • Similar pricing: When pricing is available on the sites, there's a price difference between the sites of 25% or less for substantially the same product or service. When two or more sites solicit contact information from users in order to provide a custom quote, they will be considered to have zero price difference.
  • Similar customer support experience: The sites offer the same or similar type of product or service for which the customer can expect to receive the same or similar level of Support (defined below).
  • Brand: The sites have non-differentiated Brands (defined below) for which either the brand name is the same or the logo is the same.


Re: Company has 3 adwords accounts running same keywords in Atlantic C

Top Contributor
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Top Contributor

Hi Neo2, you did post about this club last September and the issue was escalated by Zee, the Google Community manager at the time.  If no action was taken then, it is possible none will be taken now.  However...


On the issue of Maps and Ads, I don't think there's any violation where an Ad and an "organic" Map listing are shown on the same page - this is essentially the same as having a Search Ad show on the same page as an organic search result listing.


The issue of using two different entrances to create the impression of two different locations may be a policy issue, but it's one for Google Places, not Google Adwords.


If you have definitive proof of double-serving (as described by Adam in the previous post) then you should Contact AdWords support, either using the button at the top right of this screen or using this link:



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