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Common Mistakes in SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises)

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Hi guys!


I'm a graduate student in marketing and i'm doing a dissertation on the use of Adwords in Small and Medium Enterprises in Portugal. I'm at a stage where i need to gather ideas about the most common mistakes made by this kind of companies, such as:

1) don't understand the keywords matching types (just using broad match for example);
2) use of Display Network without understanding what it is;
3) don't measure results and don't make improvements based on results;




The aim is to find out what these companies do that leads them to bad results.


Grateful for any idea Smiley Happy.


Re: Common Mistakes in SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises)

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Hi @Vasco G

wow that is a question with a lot of scope - but an important one as i woudl estimate there is a very large proportion of total AdWords spend that is being basically wasted.

Some common mistakes:

[there are so many 'micro' mistakes that can happen to make your account unoptimised, so I am speaking macro which I think will be more in line with the context of your question]



1. financial preparation - not having an understanding of your true margins and costs and therefore required ROI to be profitable, do you know your conversion rate?

2. website/UX preparation - is your site actually worth bringing people to?  is your site mobile optimised? is it slow?



3. competitive preparation - not checking your product/service prices against currently advertising/top seo competition to see where you sit



4. optimisation issues - not having someone who knows how to use the AdWords platform, or knows AdWords but not well briefed on your business (see 1.)

5. reporting issues - not having accurate reporting (see Google Analytics setup wrong or not understanding how it attributes value),  unclear reporting - looking at the wrong things


Those are just a handful of broad categories but I think that many hundreds of common scenarios we see would fall under them.

I am sure you will get some more answers form the community also.


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Re: Common Mistakes in SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises)

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Yes, macro mistakes are what I'm looking for!

I am building a scheme with categories and common mistakes that fit under them, so you help me a lot Smiley Happy.

Thank you so much for the suggestions!