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Coming off adroll and using adwords. What am I going to need to know?

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Been using adroll for about 6 weeks. While it worked in some areas, I have issues with them that is forcing me to leave...another story.

Yesterday I setup my first adwords retargeting campaign with a dozen different static image ads that have worked for me before in adroll. I have matched the daily budget and CPC.

Called adwords support who told me the campaign looks good and finally saw some data coming in just a few hours ago. Great!

But I feel like this is step 1 of a set of many stairs. Adroll was a bit of set and forget. Not much I could do except watch the ROI data and stop ads that did not perform. I do not think I should assume because I have similar ad images and budgets that I should walk away from this and assume I am done....shy of course making sure it performs


What do I need to know? Being new to adwords and use to adroll, what are the blunders I could run into?



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Re: Coming off adroll and using adwords. What am I going to need to know?

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Hi Jason
You're right to assume that you shouldn't just set it and forget it.
There are MUCH MUCH more powerful targeting options in AdWords and you need to test them all to see what suits you.
As an ex user of AdRoll too, I can tell you that AdWords will offer a much greater ROI if you put in the time and effort. Unfortunately, this means spending some time on learning how AdWords actually works, especially the targeting options that have gotten considerably more advanced over the past couple of years.

I'd start here:
But after that, I'd consider doing the AdWords core/basic and Adwords display exams as they cover pretty much everything. Especially if this is a significant portion of your marketing budget.

You can start from the beginning here:
Or, if you want to go the exam route (recommended), I'd start here:

You can of course just set it and forget it as you already have done and disable ads that are not performing for you, but you're missing out on a a LOT that way. It's very difficult to have a remarketing campaign perform poorly in AdWords if you put in even a little bit of effort.

Re: Coming off adroll and using adwords. What am I going to need to know?

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This is a great starting point. Thank you for the effort!