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R y
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R y
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Could anyone tell me how to trackdown  the clicks on adwords where is coming from ? since we are not recieving any phone calls from that Ad ! it seems  to us either competitions or the ad provider ?any suggestions ? 



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Hi R y,




You can check the Geographic data or User location data to see the locations from where you are getting clicks.


  • Select your campaign
  • Go to the dimension tab
  • Click on View tab (just under the Ad group tab) 
  • Select Geographic / User locations

To track the phone calls -


  • Go to Ad Extension Tab
  • From View Tab choose Call Extension



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Re: Clicks

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1) You would also like to have a look at your advanced location settings. Can be found here : Campaign > Settings > Location > location options (advanced).


2) Also you can exclude IPs of location you doubt costing you and not converting. These IPs are one which regularly clicks on your ad but never convert. (Be cautious do only when you are sure). 


You can find the IP logs from your landing page logs which can be asked from your webmaster or host.


3) Landing page/ keywords and ad copies optimization is also recommended.