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Hello all,

I have a huge problem of click attack. I am in a very competitive niche (keywords at 20$/bid) and everytime I open I get a ctr of 30%+ and I get a bill of 1000$ in no time.

So I want to try some protection, I would like to exclude each IP that have viewed my ads from being able to see it again, forever. Is it possible to automaticly exclude each IP after they click on my ads? I know I will lose some potential customer and potential come back customer but I need to try some bold approach to the situation to defend my business.

Thanks you


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Badged Google Partner

Hey Cedrik,


I am not sure you can do that, but you can track people who came to your site from AdWords and gather their IP adresses and manually add them to your campaigns.


Maybe try to aim for lower ad positions, which will cost you less and your budget won't be depleted that fast. You can work your campaigns back up with optimizations.




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Hi Cedrik,


You have to use some third party tool to track and clount the fraud clicks. You have to inform to Google for the same and then you may get some solution. You can only track fraud clicks if they are certainly coming from the same IPs.

Quality Score will come right after you have blocked the IP address(es) of the fraudster.

In order to track click fraud with your internal reporting, there are a few pieces of information you’ll want to ensure you collect:

1. IP address
2. Click timestamp
3. Action timestamp
4. User agent

Once you discover a potentially fraudulent IP address, you should always perform a quick check of the IP on a site to see who it belongs to. Sites like,, and are good resources to turn to.

For more info: Invalid Clicks