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Clicks vs Phone Calls

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Hey All,


I have noticed that for a couple of my call based campaigns, there is a lot of disparity between the number of clicks and phone calls.


Regarding this, I wanted to know if any of you also noticed a similar difference in these statistics and if you did, what steps did you take in order to reduce the difference.


That being asked, I realized a lot of people either don't know that the ad is a call based ad and click them, or they click them and change their mind not to place a call. This question is regarding the first part - how can I tackle this issue? (All of my ads, have call extensions with Google forwarding number and my ads clearly state "Call Now").






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September 2015

Re: Clicks vs Phone Calls

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Hi Aditya,

Would I be right in saying that you've already selected "Just the phone number" in the call extension options? If so this will only apply to smartphone users. Users on other devices, such as computers and tablets, will still be able to click through to your website.

Unfortunately you can't set a bid adjustment for desktops and tablets, but what you could do is only create adverts with mobile 'device preference', decrease your max CPC. bids significantly and set a +300% bid adjustment for mobiles. This way you will appear in a low average position on desktops/tablets but a high average position on mobiles.

Taking a step back you should also bear in mind that not everyone will want to call you straight away. Some people will want to click through to your website, check out your company, read some information on the services/prices/offers and then initiate the call when they're ready to - Try taking a look at the decision making/purchase cycle for your industry and work out if all the keywords in your account are at the stage of that cycle where the user is ready to make a decision/purchase/phone call. You might find you have some keywords that relate to the research or review stages of the process, at which point users won't make contact straight away.

Anyway I hope that helps and if you need any help please feel free to post back.

All the best,