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Clicks don't turn into sales

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We setup an ad for our store on Google Shopping networks, and it was working great for 4 or 5 days.   Then, suddenly, with no changes clicks don't turn into sales.


We deleted the campaign and recreated it from scratch.   The same thing happened.  For 4-5 days we were selling 5-8 items a day.  Then, all of a sudden, clicks don't turn into any sales.


We deleted the campaign and tried again, but now it doesn't matter what we do, clicks don't turn into sales.  It's been a week.  We've had hundreds of clicks, but no sales.  What's up?

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Clicks don't turn into sales

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if clicks do not turn into conversions/sales, that is typically
due to a disconnect between what a customer is expecting

and what that customer is seeing or otherwise experiencing.

for example --

- mismatches between the shopping-ad title or description,
as compared against the landing-page, or as compared to the

actual physical inventory item that is shipped to the customer;

- mismatched global-trade-data;
- low-quality images or images that do not exactly match the offer;
- prices or shipping-prices that are uncompetitive or contain outliers;
- competitors that are quickly reacting to prices or shipping-prices;
- poor-quality landing-pages that change based on user-specific details;
- a website with poor navigation or unclear navigation;
- a website that performs poorly overall or poorly on certain devices;
- a website design that displays poorly or poorly on certain devices;

- irrelevant traffic based on the search-query report compared
to the relevancy of the submitted data and the actual physical
inventory being sold and shipped.


any lack of trust-signals or unclear trust-signals, such as:
- any landing-page with more than one add-to-cart item or any required
user-selections before the offer can be added to a shopping-cart;
- unclear return or refund policies, missing or unclear contact details
such as physical-street address and phone-number that will be answered
during normal business-hours;

- any poor rating or review, especially within social-media,

or on established trust-related organizations' websites, etc.

however, forum-members cannot look into any accounts or submitted data --
forum-members can mainly offer suggestions based on details that
are posted here in the public-forum; posting more specific details,
such as specific landing-pages, specific (feed) data that is being
submitted, etc., may allow others to offer more specific suggestions.


Re: Clicks don't turn into sales

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Thank you for the time to write a reply.

Clicks don't turn into sales

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I have the exact same issue. When I start my campaign I get great conversions then they taper off until I pause and restart.

This is counter intuitive to the way adwords "should" work and seems like a problem on googles end.

Clicks don't turn into sales

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the original post related specifically to shopping-ads --
other campaign-types and ad-formats may not necessarily
behave the same.

regardless, google's advertising service is a

highly dynamic and competitive ad-auction.

impressions mainly relate to the bid and quality factors during
the auctions and a campaign's auction-strategy related details.

clicks mainly relate to how the ad is constructed, what the user sees,
where and when the ad is selected to display, after the auction is won.

nothing needs to change within an ad-account for the auctions,
or competitors participating in the auctions, to change -- both

internal and external factors may affect auction outcomes and

performance, over time.

conversions and sales relate mainly to the landing-page's relevancy,
who is seeing the ad, when the ad is displayed, and how those users

interact with the website -- not with google's system, by definition;

although, google's system may sometimes be able to help with the

who and when related components of an ad-targeting strategy.

no two issues are necessarily alike and this is mainly a peer-to-peer forum --
forum-members can mainly offer suggestions based on the specific details,
posted here in the public forum.


the best likely course would be to simply post in a separate thread, with

more specific details, concerning exactly what is performing poorly, when,

and in what way, the campaign-type, ad-format, budget, bid, and related

targeting, strategies, that are being used to compete in the auctions, the
specific auction-networks being targeted, etc., and include landing-page

url's, if the issues relate in any way to sales/conversions, so that other

forum-members may offer more specific suggestions.

otherwise, a support-specialist at google may be contacted directly.