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Click-To-Play Video Ads vs. Animated GIF Image Ads on Display Network?

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Are there any downsides to using Click-to-Play Video ads on the Display Network vs. traditional Image ads?


I'm creating video tours of homes in my area and am going to use the Display Network to drive traffic to those videos.  You can get an idea of what I'm taking about here:  (of course there would be a call to action button superimposed on the video at the end to entice a click)


It would be nice to have a Click-to-Play video ad where I can give a "movie trailer" preview of what they can expect to see if they click through to the full video showing up on the sides of real estate sites like Trulia and Zillow...but I'm always looking for a downside.


Do some sites shun Click-to-Play video ads vs Image ads?  I could create a straight image ad and then create a Click-to-Play version but how could I prioritize the Click-to-Play version?


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Click-To-Play Video Ads vs. Animated GIF Image Ads on Display Netw

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Hi Brian,
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Nicely made video on Instagram by the way Smiley Happy

OK, so it's important to realize that click to play ads and image ads are pretty different. With a video ad, you will have a static image that the user will see and will have to click to animate/play the video.

With an image ad, you can, if it's done right, make your videos into animated gif images. I'd go this route if I were you. There's a lot less resistance. Because your videos are so short, it essentially will be auto playing them for your audience. You can then link them to a page about the property itself. You'll only be charged (unless you're using CPM bidding) when a user clicks on the ad after seeing the animation. With a video ad, you'll pay when they click play and watch the video. They may not even be interested in the property after they watch the video.

Of course, testing is key here. I'd probably test BOTH options to see which performs best for you. If I was to choose one though, it would be image ads (for a few other reasons too like the fact that not all sites allow video ads).

Finally, there's lots more to consider too. Your image ads wont be as high resolution as your video ads and you may have to get creative in how you animate them, but that's what testing is for.

Let me know if I can be of more assistance.