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Chris' 'Diagnostic Ultra Sound Equipment' business is looking for Community help - AdWords Community Account Optimization

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Hi All,

Let's welcome our friend Chris - he is the second user on the Community to get the unique Back to Business with AdWords - Community account optimization opportunity."Welcome Chris".
Chris and their ultra sound equipment business:
They are based in Georgia, US and they sell new and used diagnostic ultrasound equipment, primarily targeting the physician offices, clinic and small hospitals or health facilities domestically and internationally with emphasis on North and South America. Their main market is the US. Here's their website.
Chris owns and manages this business and the AdWords account. Chris is now looking for help with the following:
1. Increase conversions
Conversion = Qualified lead filling up the form on the website
2. They think they could get a lot more qualified leads from California than they currently get. So they'd like to increase qualified leads from CA.
I will now leave the field open for you all and Chris to discuss further. 

Feel free to ask him questions or if you need any clarification to help him achieve his goals. We are excited about this Back To Business initiative and hope you are too. 


Let's together make it a success and prove the power of this close-knit AdWords community,

PS: If you'd like your business to get this unique Community Optimization benefit, visit this page and apply for an optimization.
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Re: Chris' 'Diagnostic Ultra Sound Equipment' business is looking for Community help - AdWords Commu

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Hi Chris!




I just did a little poking around and I'm going to ask some general questions to see if I can jump start the conversation here and give us a little more information before we get into the good stuff.


1.  Not only are you working on your paid search efforts, you also have a strong organic presence as well.  Nice Job!

2.  I'm in MA and your ads are serving in high positions here.  Can you tell us a little bit about how your account is structured and the targeting you are employing?  Do you run a national/international campaign(s)?  Are there any breakdowns into smaller geographic areas at all?


3.  After 1 search, it appears to me that you have sitelinks set up and what appears to be a Google Forwarding Phone number.  Is this correct?  If so, are you getting more qualified leads via form submissions or phone calls?


4.  I noticed on your site there is a section in Spanish.  Is this a large enough share of the market for you that running Spanish campaigns make sense (you may already be doing so, I'm just curious in case you are not)?


5.  Lastly, have you implemented any Product Listing Ads/Google Shopping at all?  That appeared to me to be the one place where I wasn't able to find you.


Just looking for some further information for my friends here so they can share their great insights with you.







Tommy Sands, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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Re: Chris' 'Diagnostic Ultra Sound Equipment' business is looking for Community help - AdWords Commu

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I have managed National Ultrasound’s Adwords account going back to 2003.  About 2 years ago we hire a 3rd party firm to manage and optimize the account for us. We discontinued their services about six months ago and I have again resumed management of the account. We have recently updated our website, which did not go as smoothly as I would have hoped, but now all of our ads back up and running. We would like to increase conversions (form completion/leads) for the United States.  Additionally, we feel that our campaigns are underperforming on the west coast particularly California.  We are willing to increase our budget to increase lead flow, but have not been able to do that with any measurable success. I would very much appreciate any help or suggestions.

Thanks in advance,

Re: Chris' 'Diagnostic Ultra Sound Equipment' business is looking for Community help - AdWords Commu

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Tom, thank you for the kind words regarding organic search. We have increased our effort in organic search over the last two years and while progress has been slow, our placement has been rising.

We have 12 search campaigns (Columbia, Columbia Mobile, US, Mexico, Mexico Mobile, Mindray US, Mindray US Mobile, US Tablet, US Ultralinq and Star US) Note: Mindray and Ultralinq are brands. We have 3 content campaigns (US, US Mindray, Mexico) and 1 remarketing campaign (Mindray)

We have set up sitelinks and Google Phone Number. We get more leads via form submission, but the forwarding phone number is only on a couple of campaigns.

Yes, the campaigns for the central and south american areas are directed toward the spanish language audience and we have three spanish speaking reps to handle these leads.

We have not implemented any product listing ads/google shopping, but I have initiated the process based on reading the post from - David's bathstore business.


Re: Chris' 'Diagnostic Ultra Sound Equipment' business is looking for Community help - AdWords Commu

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Hi Chris,


I suggest that you take a look at your sitelinks.  They are a campaign level setting and can be served for all groups under the campaign.  People doing a search for a HP product may not be impressed with your GE sitelink.  There are times where I find myself segmenting campaigns for better use of sitelinks and when it does not make sense I often go with more general sitelinks and include a call to action in the sitelinks.  If you have certain manufacturer lines that carry more traffic volume than others then you may want to consider segmenting that specific MFG line into its own campaign for more powerful sitelinks messages.




You may also want to try to punctuate your ad copy to get longer title lines.  When your ads are listed in top positions and you have a period at the end of line 2 it will be pulled up to line 1 along with the standard title line.  


i.e.   1st line of ad copy in top positions -  GE Ultra Sound Machines - Buy New and Used Ultrasound Equipment.




Question:  Have you segmented your campaigns into multiple adgroups for each mfg line or are all MFG names in one adgroup with dynamic keyword insertion and keyword level destination URL's? 


I think you also need a stronger call to action on your landing pages.  I see the request a quote but recommend that you change the color of the header above the short form to a different color so that it stands out more and also consider dropping a call to action button at the bottom and top of each product page that leads to your contact page or a new quote form.  Track the clicks on these buttons to see if they are more effective than your current quote request form.  I do like that it is static on all pages but it just does not have a strong enough CTA in my opinion.


As for the issue with California….  So do you have your scheduling set to cover California for their Pacific time business day?   If you have scheduling enabled keep in mind it is based on the time zone associated with your account.  Check your scheduling under the campaign settings tab.


Kim Clink, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Clink Digital Marketing
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Re: Chris' 'Diagnostic Ultra Sound Equipment' business is looking for Community help - AdWords Commu

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Hi Chris,


I agree with Kim.. Your ads are well placed and show sitelink.. but these definitely need working on.

For example, I searched for Radiology Ultrasound Machines and I saw the following ad with site links.


                     Ultrasound Machines For Sale 1 (877) 245 0368


                     New & Used Ultrasound Machines All Major Brands-Request Quote Here

                     Buy GE Ultrasound - Buy Sonosite Ultrasound - New & Used Equipment


A couple of things you could modify:


When a user is sure that he wants to purchase a 'Radiology Ultrasound Machine', an ad with ''Radiology Ultrasound Machine' in the Headline would relate more to him.


I noticed that all your site links take me to the Home Page. Showing the different brands of Radiology Ultrasound Machines you have and taking the user to the brand/models specific Landing pages would make more sense.


I would probably add more USPs too.. on your page you have things like affordable, portable etc.. you could use that in your ads.


Also, the display URL used is not specific to the Radiology equipment. You could modify this to read: You don't need the www. in your display URLs.


Are you tracking end to end conversions? Once someone fills in a quote form, what is the time frame it takes for this person to actually purchase the product. are you using this time frame as the membership duration for your remarketing ads? Have you set up call tracking?

Are you remarketing on brand+product terms or only brand terms? you could try generic keywords too.


Product feeds would also help increase your customer base. How about seller ratings too?


How are you targeting the display network? do you have image ads? managed placements?

Since your products cater to a very specific audience, showing image ads for them would help attract more traffic.

Managed placements on targeted forums and blogs talking bout the advantages of your products will help get you targeted traffic. You could also try CPA bidding on the Display Network.

For targeting on the display network, you could have separate ad groups for generic(Radiology Ultrasound Machines), brand(GE ultrasound machines) and product specific(GE Logiq E9) keywords.


Different people have different intent. You can recognise this by the keywords they use.

Also, someone searching for just 'Radiology Ultrasound Machines' is probably looking for a new machine which is high in quality, as opposed to a guy searching for refurbished/used Radiology Ultrasound Machines, who may be more price concious even though he would want good quality. The mindset of these two people is different and you should have different types of ads catering to both of them. for example, for the guy looking for a new machine, I would only talk about the different brands you have, the portability of the machine and the quality whereas, for the guy looking for the refurbished one, I would say  something like  Quality at Affordable prices.

You may also want to focus on people at all stages in the buying cycle, since I am sure people would research before purchasing the kind of products you sell.


Ad scheduling for the best days(probably weekdays) and at the correct times(during office hours) is important. Since you have your account running for a long perios of time, you would have enough data to analyse this.


Hope this helps!


AdWords Top Contributor
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Re: Chris' 'Diagnostic Ultra Sound Equipment' business is looking for Community help - AdWords Commu

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Hi Chris,

Great advices above ;

I would just add a short recommendation based on my engineering experience:


  1. I will focus on your landing page: This is heavily regulated field governed by government regulations and medical device standards: I am missing a clear representation of regulatory compliance of the equipment (FDA, IEC, ISO etc..)
  2. I would consider revising the home page: though it's a technical field, the home page is "loaded with text"
  3. I would restructure the site based on brands and categories. This functionality is, indeed, available as a "drop down", but not Prominent enough.
  4. I do like the idea of display network campaigns (as suggested by Shweta) in managed placements or topics in scientific / medical sites. The theme of keywords for these campaigns should be carefully chosen, to ensure impressions only on relevant webpages.
  5. As far as sitelinks: again, based on my engineering experience, I would suggest to have them by category and not by brands. ( Kim suggested the same -"coming from a different angle".)
  6. Can you elaborate on language targeting and Geo-targeting: how these are set?, so we can comment on the campaign language and geographic targeting.



Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Chris' 'Diagnostic Ultra Sound Equipment' business is looking for Community help - AdWords Commu

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Hi Chris,


Just adding my 2 cents.


You have a really targeted niche and you should be getting your day parting really well.


I'd assume (by guesswork) that your clients tend to shop around in the later afternoon hours, perhaps you may increase then, and of course tweak ad copy to fit all 3 patterns of shoppers (1 Problem solvers (2 Researchers (3 Bargain grabbers.


Keep climbing!

Re: Chris' 'Diagnostic Ultra Sound Equipment' business is looking for Community help - AdWords Commu

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Hi Chris


I would recommend a few things. 


I am sure you have conversion tracking enabled, do you use "see search terms" to see the exact variations of long tail keywords generating conversions? Do you use CPA model of bidding and does tweaking with the Target CPA change your conversion numbers?


Short tail keywords might give you more conversions but looking at the conversion rate is the key. you want to use your daily budget more towards long tail keywords with higher conversion rate than short keywords with lower conv rate.


It might not be a bad idea to create a separate campaign of exact matches of all short tail keywords and set those short tail keywords as negative matches in the campaign consisting of phrase and broad matches. Bid lower on phrase and broad matches and higher on exact matches.. then again finding the right keywords with higher conversion rate is the key. 


Which ads and keywords  has higher conversion rate? May be single them out and bid higher to get more conversions.


Have you tried Remarketing in the Display Network? Sometimes people visit your site and forget about you. Enable conversion tracking in a Remarketing campaign and retarget the ones which didn't convert. 


Hope this is helpful. All the best 

Re: Chris' 'Diagnostic Ultra Sound Equipment' business is looking for Community help - AdWords Commu

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My two cents...


I went to the page, used the navigation to get to the type of machine I might want - and then - I wasn't sure what to do - there was no price, or a call to action telling me what to do next - even a "Request a quote" button right there which would get me to fill in my details....


I agree with others that the calls to action are neither loud nor clear.


Also - with the new remarketing tag, you can remarket based on elements of the url's that people have visited, so youy can run a remarketing campaign to poeple using "sonosite" for example, to people who were on the Sonosite pages - a really good improvement BTW.


And for this remarketing use a combination list - excluding thsoe people who already got in touch - I tend to call these lists the "incompletes" - bascially someone who got into your system and didn't "complete" the process.