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Choosing Keywords

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I am having difficulty in choosing right keywords for my products. 

This is my sales page:

Currently the one i targetted aren't working and not making any leads, instead i am loosing a lot of money in adwords but end up with no leads. If you are the customer, what keywords will bring you to my site and make u to go for a lead. Please i am new to this adwords, help me.

Waiting for your replies.

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Re: Choosing Keywords

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Hi Dex,



The site is about hemorrhoids. First off make sure you comply with all the stipulations in the policy linked-to below in case they may apply to you. E.g. Google allows online pharmacies  if they're accredited by the National Association Boards of Pharmacy VIPPs program.


Healthcare and medicines


Second, please find the Keywords Tool under the upper Tools and Analysis tab. Enter the website URL ( and hit the Search button. You'll be offered a number of keywords to use. Check them for relevance and list the ones you like as keywords.




Re: Choosing Keywords

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Hi Dex45544,


In addition to excellent reply from Lakatos as always, I would like to add that you need to also find out what people are actually searching for in your existing keywords. For that run the Search Terms report and see whether relevant traffic is coming or not.


Run the Keyword tool as suggested, enter the website URL, identify the match types which are getting traffic and try to experiment with different match types. Identify the right keyword lists for your Adwords campaigns. Use Google Insight for search and see the trends across different places of the world which people are following.


Also if you think that relevant traffic is reaching, then is there something you need to change over the website. Try to think like a user and identify the shortcomings (if any) inside your website landing page which you are using. You might be missing something which your competitors are ahead of you.


Best of Luck!


Re: Choosing Keywords

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Hello Dex,


Apart from very useful & neccesary steps suggested by Lakatos & Pankaj, i suggest you to analyse your competitors as well. After all to be on top you need to compete who are already in same business and running adwords advertising program.


You may use certain tool for competitors research such as semrush, keywordspy etc. If not then you can also use Adpreview and diagnosis tool under Tools and Analysis tab to search top competitors for your buisness main line keywords. when you are using ad preview tool make sure you are selecting Location, device etc.


May be it helps!



Neha Gupta

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Re: Choosing Keywords

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can help you out for any issues..........