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Cheryl & Amanda need an AdWords help with her online design studio for personalized gifts. Can we help her?

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Zee Community Manager
Community Manager
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Zee Community Manager
Community Manager
Hi Community Experts, 
I'd like to introduce you to a new Back to Business participants, Cheryl & Amanda. Both of them manage an account for the company called Kindlandia - - an online design studio that helps people make the ultimate in personalized gifts. The company gives parents and kids the capability to use advanced personalization techniques to create a wide range of products, from maps to family trees to comic book covers. 

Kidlandia provides a library of design choices for its customers to personalize and make their own. The company’s library includes both its own design creations using its own characters in imaginary kingdoms and designs that incorporate figures from popular children’s culture. The use of these figures comes from licensing agreements to use Nickelodeon’s characters Dora the Explorer and Spongebob Squarepants as well as Marvel’s comic book figures Captain America, Spiderman, Hulk and Thor. All of Kidlandia’s products are created and ordered online. Because Kidlandia products retail exclusively online, the company needs to drive more traffic to its website to raise awareness and sale of its products, and is hoping to better manage adwords to accomplish its objective.


Current setting of the AdWords account:
  • Location targeting is set nationwide (US)
  • In the past 30 days - the CTR was very low <1%, avg. position would vary for campaigns (3 and 5)
  • Overall, the performance of the display network is stronger than the search network
  • Conversion tracking enabled and active

The advertising goal: drive more traffic to its website to raise awareness and sale of its products


Feel free to ask Cheryl or Amanda any questions you wish. She is ready to give it a go! Can we help? 


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Re: New: Cheryl needs an AdWords help with her online design studio for personalized gifts. Can we h

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Hi AdWords Community Experts!


Thanks everyone for your willingness to help. My name is Amanda, and I am in charge of managing Kidlandia's AdWords account. As Zee mentioned in the post above, we're currently trying to ramp up our online presence and drive more traffic to our site to get the word out about our unique products.I'm a beginner AdWords user, and so far the campaigns we have run have not been getting the kind of coverage that we had hoped for. Please let me know if you guys have any further questions. I greatly appreciate any advice you can offer. I'm excited to hear your suggestions for how to better manage our AdWords account to take Kidlandia's online business to the next level!


Best regards,


Re: New: Cheryl needs an AdWords help with her online design studio for personalized gifts. Can we h

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Hi Guys,


Welcome to the Adwords Forum!


I'll jump in with a couple of quick recommendations:

if you are doing better on display than search, I'm guessing there are 2 things wrong:

1) You're running search and display in the same campaigns


Problem: Search campaigns and display campaigns use keywords very differently. You can't bid efficiently if you have both in the same campaign.


Solution: Create one campaign that is targeted towards search, and one campaign that is targeted towards display. You can do this by copying your campaign, and changing one campaign target to search (under settings tab), and one to display.

2) You are bidding on everything with the "default match types"


Problem: When you enter in keywords by default, Google will match you not only to the keyword you are bidding on, but to any user search that contains the keyword you are bidding, a synonym of the keyword you are bidding on, or if any of the above happened in a previous search. This leads to a lot of wasted money by many advertisers.


Solution: Use multiple match types in your campaign. You can see a wiki article about that by Kim Clink here.


There's alot more that you can do including:


1) Using the different ad formats for your campaign, including using sitelinks , if people sometimes call in, or if you don't have a mobile friendly site, you want to use call extensions.


2) Using negatives - you are most probably getting a low click through rate, as you are showing up for irrelevant keywords (as mentioned above). In order to get past that, you will need to not only use the multiple match types, but also should use negative keywords as well, by going through the search query report, and finding irrelevant keywords you have shown up for in the past. (Kim Clinks article above on match types has directions on how to use search query reports for negatives as well.)


Hope this helps!



Re: New: Cheryl needs an AdWords help with her online design studio for personalized gifts. Can we h

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Hi David,


Thanks much for the advice! I'll work on implementing the changes you recommended and hopefully things will start improving soon. I've read through the article you attached and will post again if questions come up while I'm making changes. I think this is a great start!


Best regards,


Re: New: Cheryl & Amanda need an AdWords help with her online design studio for personalized gif

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Top Contributor

Hi Amanda,


Based on the information provided by Zee above, I could think of some quick steps which you might consider implementing inside your Adwords account:


1. Look at the Geographical report under the Dimensions Tab for some good time range when you achieved high conversions from Adwords in the past. Identify the highly converting regions out of it and you could think of separating the non-converting regions from converting regions (in a spearate campaign) and allocate more advertising spend towards regions which are proving worth in terms of ROI.


2. Low CTR could be due to extended use of broad match type keywords. Review the Search Terms Report and analyze what match types were the most delivered on the search terms which users used with repsect to your keywords. Try and work in a direction to increase the exact match type delivery on your keywords. Doing this will not only increase the relevancy but will assist in increasing CTR for your campaigns also. Adding the relevant search terms as keywords inside Adwords account would bring in more relevant users. 


3. As Zee mentioned that you have strong presence on Google Display Network (GDN). So I could think of creating a Image Ads Campaign because your product category is very colorful. You can take the use of Google's Display Ad Builder to create some of the finest display ads by choosing a pre defined template and later customize it according to your own needs. Of course one basic but very important to consider is to have Display Network Campaign separate from the Search Network.


4. Another option of expansion in terms of GDN is the Remarketing concept. It's an excellent way of reaching out to your users who have been to your website earlier but have not converted. But remember it's an advanced strategy, so you should first be well versed with it before implementation. This article explain how actually remarketing works. You can read it and come back to the community for more questions.


Hope that helps!


Re: New: Cheryl & Amanda need an AdWords help with her online design studio for personalized gif

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Explorer ✭ ☆ ☆



I have built a campaign exactly like this (with the exception of actual cartoon characters) for a brand based in France last year. Your clients should not have a problem on the search network at all and it sounds like a broad matched campaign pulling in impressions from parents all over the place.


I prefer the search network and solving a users problem (e.g. buy a gift). Christmas is coming soon and countless birthdays come about daily. If your CTR is low on search (appreciating I have not seen the campaign) you may aswell scrap it before historical data is store and your Q.S drops. I know I would due to the logical assumption - if people are seeing the ad and not clicking enough then the search results are offering better options then your ad text.


Of course you could work on ad text (e.g. call to action), but don't know if it will make a massive difference untill you try. It would be interesting to know what keywords triggored the ad and then what did the user see?


Match Type:

Phrase match is your best option before you go back to broad or move to exact. It maintains the balance between traffic and relavence.


KeyWord Research

Spend some time using the keyword tool and split your products into ad groups. For example if we work on "personalised gifts" then you need to pull in the adult looking to buy a gift for their child market. The two obvious ones would be Christmas & Birthdays. We then have female/male/toddler e.t.c


Cherry pick your keywords as its better to point your budget towards keywords that are getting clicks as opposed to spreading it to thin across words that will just take impressions and not receive clicks.


Remember to use negative keywords to block anything that will be irrelavent (e.g. FREE kids gifts)


If I was building this campaign I would target educational gifts, gifts for children, unique gifts e.t.c and I would not mind if you paste your keyword list here for us guys to get our teeth into and organise your keywords into proposed ad groups (with text ads) as well as doing some extra research on your behalf. I am more then happy to do this for you on no more then 100 keywords.


Google Display Network Ideas -




Remarketing is a must when display is bringing in the traffic but not really solving problems for a user, GDN is more the "impulse buy" whereas remarketing acts as a reminder to bring people back. This was key to understanding how many users we could push into returning to view the site. 


Special Offers:

Have custom URL's built for the remarketing campaign (e.g. 25% off) so users who leave the website are more enticed to buy the product. This will prevent normal users from seeing the offer without clicking on a remarketing advert


Gmail Fun Box:

Take control of the display network and check if gmail is bringing in users. If so you can "read their emails" so for example, if a user emailed their partner saying "need to buy zee a birthday gift" then you want users to know they can come to you. Manually targeting GMail is a excellent idea and IF it does not work at all then block the target straight away.



The cost per view on YouTube is so so low at the moment (in comparison to other networks). Dedicate a display campaign to this alone and create videos aimed at all the kidy videos/channels and show people how easy it is to design and order a product. The assumptioon here is, if a parent loads a cartoon for the child then those first few seconds in loading a video are key to your exposure.


I will expand on my response later...


Re: New: Cheryl & Amanda need an AdWords help with her online design studio for personalized gif

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Hi Amanda,


You have got a couple of great suggestions here:


Split your display and Search Campaigns - Search and display campaigns work very differently. On seach people are actually looking for your products, so you can entice them with offers etc.. but on display, users dont even know what you are selling.. so you first need to sell your product. This means that the kind of kewwords you will target and the kind of ads you will have will be different in each case. 

Use different Match types - Try the BMM too.. - I understand that you want more traffic to your site, but getting the right kind of traffic matters..  Broad match type can get you irrelevant traffic which will cost you but since these users are more likely not to convert.. you are not getting returns from them.

Campaign Structure - I assume you would be creating a separate search campaign now... Smiley Happy .. make sure that you structure it well. Have a separate campaign for al your products. for example, mugs, mouse pads, pillowcases, posters etc.. should all be different campaigns. This way, you  can control how much you want to spend on each product. So, say making pillow cases gets you more ROI and you want more customers for that, you can set a higher budget for that campain as compared to something that may not be getting you as much return. Also, this will ensure that you have very dedicated ads for each product.

Keep your Generic kewords separate. 'customized gifts', ''gifts for kids', 'custom birthday gifts' etc.. should be in a different Campaign. These keywords will be more expensive and you neeed to control the pends here. Also, the kind of messaging in your ads should be more specific here. 

AdCopies - for the search network - since your ad will be seen by people who are searching for things like 'customized gifts' etc.. your ad copy should promote the variety you have to offer. so you could say things like:

Customized Gifts

Pick from a variety of mugs, blankets,

mouse pads & more! Order Now.

Another important thing here is to make people feel you care. Customized gifts is an emotional product. What I mean here is that.. people wouldn't customize gifts for everyone. they would do it only for special people. You ad copies could have that emotional connect with your audience. You coud use something like:

Gift your kids with a customized gift that they will never forget!

Looking for something special for your kids? 

I hope you get the flow.. Smiley Happy

Sitelinks - Sitelinks are more links under your ads. This could help you since you could have your products listed out in the se links. You could use site links for generic campaign where you do not know what specific product the user is searching for. say something like 'custom gifts for kids'.. here, the user may be looking for mugs, pillows, maps.. anything.. So you could show him an ad with these product names as site links.

Exclusions - Since your CTRs are low, I suggest you start excluding stuff. For the Search Network - as pankaj suggested, run a search terms report and pull out negative keywords. For the Display network, run a placement report and check the placements that have not brought you any clicks but a large number of impressions. Go on and chk this webpage.  If it is irrelevant, exclude it.

If its relevant, you improved ads may help entice users to clicking your ads. You may want to increase positions as well.

Iage ads can to the trick here. Have image ads showcasing the variety of products you have. Include that emotional connect and you will see people cliking your ads! Smiley Happy


As Sq pointed out in his post, Remarketing - If people are searching for a gift for someone special, they may not purchase something impulsively... they want that gift to be special... so users may come to your site, chkeck out the products you have and leave without converting... they may also be seeing your competitor sites.. They get confused with al these options and decide to purchase something later.. the next day, this guys is reading the news online.. Showing him your ad again will create a brand recall for you. This means that on the Display network, you can show your ads to people who have come to your site earlier. This is a great tool that you should make use of! You can read more about it here


Here are a few questions that you could answer for me..

I would love to see the kind of ads you are using. Could you post a few here.

Also, whats your campiagn structure like currently?

Whats the CTR for Search and Display separately?

What products are your primary focus? I am guessing Maps?


Hope the explanations help you implement the suggestions adn help you understand AdWords better! All you need to do is focus on your customer and try and provide them the best service. that's what AdWords is here for. Smiley Happy


Please feel free to post back with any queries, Amanda!


AdWords Top Contributor
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Re: New: Cheryl & Amanda need an AdWords help with her online design studio for personalized gif

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Hello, Amanda.


Here's what I found. Your ads pop up when performing searches such as:


personalized gifts for kids


The problem is that at least one ad reads


     Be A Super Hero
     Personalized Spiderman comic book
     covers at our online design studio


And it's in position #7, 4th from the top on the right hand side, and I'm guessing it gets a lot of impressions and few clicks.


That ad is neither relevant, nor well positioned, and the only thing it does is accrue impressions with no clicks (if I'm right), and that's a recipe for low CTR, low Quality Score and High CPC. And you don't want that.


The reason for that may well be the fact that you're using a pretty limited number of ads getting triggered for many broad match keywords. It may not be your case, and please correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems the easiest way to achieve a setup that yields the results I'm seeing.


I'm not going to quote myself (I did write something related to targeted advertising), but what I'd do in your case, beside what my fellow forum members have told you is:


  • start with narrow keyword matches ([personalized gifts], [personalized blankets], [personalized mugs], etc., each in its own ad group)
  • send traffic exactly to the page that deals specifically with that keyword (a category page or a product page)
  • Write ads specifically for that keyword


Increasing CTR can be done in two ways: casting a wide net and then starting to exclude progressively or going very specific and expanding in areas where you see there's potential.


After a few very targeted campaigns you may start adding a "discovery campaign", with its own budget, using more general terms such as +personalized +gifts, where you'll start getting hits for several terms dealing with this topic, and you can learn how people search for (maybe) things related to your offer.


You've been told about sitelinks, I'd add Product Listing Ads, the way Things Remembered do (the ads with pictures) and Product Extensions (as Personalizationmall has, those three product links with prices next to them).


Also, one very important thing: fix your website, you have links which do not work (Dora the explorer and other nearby links). You don't want to send traffic to (potentially) error pages, as this is against the policies, and may even lead to a suspension of the AdWords account.


Here are some useful (I hope) links:



Best of luck, and make sure to get back to us every time something isn't straightforward or when you don't know what to do next.

Calin Sandici, AdWords Top Contributor | Find me on: Google+ | Twitter | LinkedIn | myBlog
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