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Changing Delivery Method for non US vistors

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If your visitor base is say, 75% European and Asia and only 25% US on a daily basis, is it better to use an accelerated delivery method as opposed to Standard delivery method? If I understand correctly, accelerated delivery gives more traffic early in the day.

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November 2015

Re: Changing Delivery Method for non US vistors

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Hey Carl, how are things?

Accelerated delivery method will try to show your ads for every auction that you're eligible to appear, by the time your campaign starts. This will rely on the schedule you have on your campaign. If you have campaigns running only at night, let's say from: 9pm to 12pm, Adwords will show your ads for every successful auction, hence, spending your money quickly.

Standard delivery method will hold some of your ads so that you can appear for the whole time your campaign is configured. Instead of showing everything as fast as it can, it's kind something like: "let me hold the ad for that query and that other query, so that my advertiser have enough budget to show this ads later on".

Regarding your post title , it gave some doubts: "Changing Delivery Method for non US vistors".
It's not possible to change delivery methods for specific regions if that's your questions. You'd have and it's a best practice to have one campaign for each region you segment, in that case, 1 campaign for US and 1 campaign for another region, and you will be able to set everything individually.

Hope this helps

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click

Re: Changing Delivery Method for non US vistors

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I agree with @leandrofm;

Setting two separate campaigns would be the solution. It would be also more effective in analyzing the data later on, once the campaign stats the gain impressions.

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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