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Changing Ads, Lower Position

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Hi All,


I have about 100 ad groups, all using the same ad.


I also have a separate ad group for split testing which only contains an A/B test (so two ads).  When I declare a winner, I go and update the 100 ads I have with the winner.


I notice that my position and CTR drops though.  Does anyone know what this can be attributed to?  Is it because the new ad is new and doesn't have a history, so the position drops?  Or, is the age of the ad not looked at and it must be due to something else?

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Re: Changing Ads, Lower Position

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This is a nice question;

It is attributed to the CTR - but not directly. Let me explain:


Your ad is triggered by a keyword which wins  a "pre-auction"; 

Generally speaking (with exceptions, which I'll skip for now),, the keyword which triggers the ad  (among the keywords which matched the search query) is the one with the highest ad-rank - i.e. the one for which QS*Bid is the highest.

Now your position is based on your ad-rank (in the auction itself) compared to other advertisers. If your ad-rank is lower your position is lower.

As said, the ad-rank is lower either due to low bid or low QS. Low QS, is mainly attributed to CTR. So work on the CTR (appealing ad-copy, keyword tightly themes to the search query...and all other techniques)

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Re: Changing Ads, Lower Position

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Hi David,

If all ad groups have the same ad, it kind of defeats the purpose of having separate ad groups. An ad that works well for one set of keywords may not perform as well for another, similar set of keywords. The idea is to create tightly focused keywords in AdGroups and write ads for those keywords.

I would suggest creating unique ads for each ad group, written to the theme of the keywords in that group. You can place more than one ad in each group and watch the performance, then pick a winner. If you want to limit the exposure of the "test" add, I will create multiple copies of the "winner", usually 3, and one copy of the the test. That limits the test to 25% of the impressions. And set the ads for even rotation for at least 90 days, or until you have enough impressions and clicks to be statistically significant.

Best of Luck!

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords