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Change website but maintain Google Adwords Account

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We are launching a brand new website for our client - but we will maintain their current Google Adwords Account (with all the existing ads, etc.).

What is the best way to make sure the change to the new website will run smoothly? 

Which steps should we take in linking their Account with their new website. 

And how do we quickly change the URLs in all the existing ads? 

What other tips do you have for us?


Many thanks!

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August 2016

Re: Change website but maintain Google Adwords Account

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Hello Tom!

This transition should not be an issue as long as you check and double check your work afterwards.

For a new website, you will need to ensure that you properly have Google Analytics and Remarketing set up to track the traffic you are sending to the new website. Be sure to connect their Analytics Account with the Adwords account! We generally make our Remarketing lists through Analytics to ensure we set up lists based on the goals for the client, Analytics/Adwords linking will be required to make there Remarketing lists.

For changing the URLs in all the existing ads to accomodate a new website structure, I would make a reference in an Excel document of the previous landing pages you were running ads to and make another column for the comparable landing page. This will help you to ensure that every URL is properly documented along with the changes that are to be made. Then I would upload the account to the Adwords Editor and make the changes in bulk. If you have not used Adwords Editor, this tool allows you to highlight multiple ads at one time and change the URL for all the ads at one time. Super Awesome and an incredible time saver.

After that, I would click the account name at the top of editor on the left side navigation and search for any ads that have the old URLs that you documented before. If the domain has changed search for that or if the sub-folders of the website have changed search for that. I would say be sure to remove all of the old URLs on all the ads, enabled and paused, just in case anything gets altered in the account.

1) When working with bulk changes on Adwords, Adwords editor is certainly the way to go.
2) Be sure to double check your work, because I always find errors when I double check my work. I guess that is why we are told a grade school to double check our work!

P.S. - Don't forget to update all the text ads to the new ETA (Expanded Text Ad) ad formats!

Hope this helps!

Thank you,

Re: Change website but maintain Google Adwords Account

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Thanks for your reply Chris! Great tips!