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Change of business name and domain

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Hello everyone,


I am about to rename my business and am wondering if I should keep my current adwords account for the new name, or open another. 


I have been operating my current adwords account continuously for about 3 years and many of my keywords now have a quality score of 6-8. They have built to this level from a low starting point of often 2-3's. Most of the problem seems to have been that my early websites were made in Apple's iWeb - when a new site was made in Wordpress the quality scores jumped dramatically and instantly. I bid high enough in my niche to get around a 90% ad exposure rate - my click-through is about 1.8% (the click through has been fairly constant over the life of the account).


So I have a history - which in the early days wasn't great, as I experimented and made mistakes. On what I know now the new site will not make the same mistakes as the old. The new site will have a lot of the same content as the old and be targeting the same keywords as the old campaigns.


But my business name will have changed from ABCD Ltd to WXYZ ltd and I will be closing down my old domain to be replaced by the new domain. So now, some questions:


1.  Can I change the name of the adwords account from ABCD to WXYZ? Or do I need to open a new account as WXYZ?

2. If I can retain the old account with a new name, should I do that? Or am I better to simply open a new account and build the quality scores afresh - without the mistakes I made in the old account? 

3. If I should open a new account can I transfer credit from my old account to the new? For tax reasons I prepaid quite a chunk of credit into the account. 


The crux of my issues revolves around the quality scores and whether it is worth trying to preserve what i have or start over again and perhaps end up with an even better result. 


Thanks for your thoughts and advice!






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Re: Change of business name and domain

Google Employee
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Google Employee

Hi Craig,


Thanks for posting! 


1. You can change the name of the AdWords account from ABCD to WXYZ. You simply add new campaigns for the new website. You can also change the form of payment also by adding a new payment instrument (credit card, bank account, etc) in your Billing tab and removing the old payment instrument. On the other hand, if you currently pay by monthly invoicing and require the business name on your legal customer agreement to be changed, you will need to contact AdWords Support to change that for you.  


2. The decision about keeping your original account or opening a new account is up to you. I would bear in mind that your old website will always be associated with your original account, even if you sell the domain and no longer have access to it. This can cause issues if your account is suspended for a website policy issue in future. If your account is suspended, the Policy Team will only unsuspend it once ALL websites that have ever been associated with your account are compliant with policies. As I mentioned, this can cause issues in future if you no longer have control over an old domain. 


3. I'm not 100% sure but I'm almost certain that it's not possible to transfer credit from one account to another. If you cancel your original account in order to set up a new account, any unspent credit will refunded to your payment instrument. However I don't think it would be possible to transfer that credit to your new account. 


I hope this helps! 

Re: Change of business name and domain

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Top Contributor

Hi Craig,


Changing the Business name and other contact details can be accomplished using this help center reference:


If the Business is same in terms of service or products you are offering, then you should continue with the same AdWords account. That's my understanding. 


You can create separate campaigns targeting the new domain which you are working upon.


Also make sure to either put a permanent redirect 301 on your old URLs so that if someone tries to open your old domain, the user should be redirected to the new one.


Since this account is old and it looks like it has gained positive history in terms of important AdWords metrics, so you should be getting some benefit when you work in this account only, be in terms of creating new campaigns and targeting new domain etc...


My Thoughts!


Re: Change of business name and domain

Badged Google Partner
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Badged Google Partner
We deal with this all the time, and I couldn't agree with Pankaj more. In this case I would just go into the editor and change the URL's of ads and sitelinks. Changing address and getting all the Google places/my business stuff sorted out is the only real pain. If it's an online only business, you can make the necessary changes in the editor in literally a few minutes at most.

The absolutely last thing I would do is fret over QS. If the changes you are making are beneficial to you, then you would hope they are beneficial to the user as well. Eventually Google should "reward" an improved user experience with an improved quality score.

Of course, no matter how good your quality score is for any particular KW, if it's not profitable, you're still just throwing your money away. Smiley Happy