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Canada "Low Response"

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I am running an "English Language" ad in 25 English speaking countries, have been running ad for 15 days.


I feel the overall response "CTR" is very good, however, the "CTR" from Canada is almost nothing and I do mean almost nothing compared to all of the other countries.


Can someone explain why this might be?



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September 2015

Re: Canada "Low Response"

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Hi David,


In my opinion, you should be targeting country specific campaigns in order to get more exposure and have better control in terms of Adwords optimization in your account. Running a single campaign to 25 countries is certainly not a wise strategy as per my understanding.


See more about how to organize your account here:



Re: Canada "Low Response"

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I agree with Pankaj,
You absolutely want to have individual campaigns for countries (unless they are really small and closely related). Also - try adding another ad, and be aware that although you can target multiple English speaking countries, the way people use English in these countries varies quite a bit. Perhaps there is an issue with the ad copy that is less attractive to Canadians?!