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Can you run Automate on Product Groups Max. CPC?

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I don't see any options to use Automate to manage the Max CPC. This option only is available with Keywords, Adgroups and Campaigns. But Google seem to have forgotten their new Shopping Listings setup.


Does anyone have more information on this?





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September 2015

Re: Can you run Automate on Product Groups Max. CPC?

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Hi Daniel,


I assume you mean that the conversion optimizer is not available in shopping campaigns, this is indeed the case.


Instead, however, you can use a flexible bid strategy at the shopping campaign level under campaign settings. If you use a flexible bid strategy based on CPA you would get the same effect as using conversion optimizer. (More on flexible bid strategies)


I believe it can only be set at the campaign level though, should you need different strategies per product group, you'd probably have to put those product groups in separate campaigns.


EDIT: Rereading your question I seem to have misunderstood. Automatic bidding isn't available either, however, the alternative is a flexible bid strategy as well (as explained above) except it should then be based on "Maximum clicks" instead of CPA.


Kind regards




Re: Can you run Automate on Product Groups Max. CPC?

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Thanks for the response Ken.

I haven't had much experience regarding the flexible bid option. I know I need at least 30 days of data before I can beginning to use this option.

There seems there are only two bid options within Shopping Campaigns. Adgroup and Product Groups. The Adgroup bid is almost meaningless as the Product Group bid rule.

I'm still adjusting this different setup by Google.

Thanks again for the info.

Kind regards,


Re: Can you run Automate on Product Groups Max. CPC?

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Hi Daniel, at the end of last week Google announced support for Scripts with Shopping Campaigns so if you're willing to dive into the world of Scripting (and I can strongly recommend it), there are now endless opportunities for optimising Shopping products automatically.



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