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Can you find all keywords with manual bids?

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Is there a way to find & select all keywords that have manual bids (ie those not using the AdGroup default bid)?

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Re: Can you find all keywords with manual bids?

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are you ok with adwords editor + excel?

If so, with a little manual work it is possible... 


I'll wait first, see if someone has an automatic solution (would quite like that too...)





Re: Can you find all keywords with manual bids?

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Hi timfel1,


Go to the Ad group, then the keywords tab. You probalby already know this, keywords with default bid will show the bid in grey, keyword level bids are shown in black.


You could sort the keywords by bid, which puts all the keywords with the default bid more or less together in the list. Select them all and uncheck the ones with default bid.


I imagine a clever person could write a Javascript function that would do this for you. If you're that person, here's a hint, the default bid is in a span element with class name aw-bid-default. It is inside a div with class of "editable cLBB". And they are all in a table with id of "adgroup-keywords-table". That's about as far as I want to go with this.


Ok, you had me curious, so here's a piece of code that does what you want:


for (i=2;i<document.getElementById('adgroup-keywords-table').rows.length-5;i++) {
	if (document.getElementById('adgroup-keywords-table').rows[i].cells[4]<0 ) {

 I pasted this code into the Firebug Javascript console to run it.


Best of Luck!




PS, I edited this post. I read the question wrong. The original script checked all with the default bid. The corrected script, which you see now, will check all keywords with a keyword-level bid. Be sure you are looking at "All enabled", because this script will check the deleted and paused keywords as well.


PPS, setting the checkbox attribute "checked" to "true" doesn't quite do the trick, but executing the click() function on the checkbox does! After this second edit of the code, I am confident this will do the job for you.


petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: Can you find all keywords with manual bids?

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Pete... Me like! And here i thought that the adwords community was going to be full of consultants trying to get to the end of the month Smiley Wink

Got a little faith again!

Ok, ill try the non coder version. Starting simple...

Postulate: your ad group only has keywords with the same match type & You don't have duplicates...

Open Adwords editor, download the latest version of the desired campaign (obvious, but easy to forget... Who me... What...?).

Select the adrgoup you want. Click the keyword tab. Same as on the web interface, the default bids are greyed...

- note : when selected They have max cpc set as something like <default bid> (nope you can't "advanced search" by selecting only keywirds with max cpc = <default bid>... **bleep** editor only accepts numerical values. Might be worth asking for a hotfix though).

Now once all keywords are highlited, you should see <bid varies>... Hilight this and "delete"...

Now, all the keywords that used to have a manual bid have a little triangle next to them.

Under the "view" drop down above your table, select "all local unposted local changes". Which should display only the keywords you've just changed.

Copy paste on excel or any table.

Go back to Adwords editor all the keywords you've just copy-pasted hould still be highlited... and click "revert selected changes" (Center Top of the table menu).

All should be back to where it was.

Now In excel copy ONLY the column where all your keywords are listed (which are only the ones that used to have a manual bid)

Back to adwords editor. Click on the "advanced search" blue link on the top right corner, in the drop down menu choose to filter by "keyword" and then change "contains" for "contains full word" and paste your keyword list from excel and validate... You can even hide paused/delete keywords.

Tadammm! All and only your keywords with a manual bids are displayed!!

On the very last step is where the match type issue comes into play... You wont need to worry if your Adgoup only has keywords with te same match type (otherwise, make sure that you untick all unwanted match type and only select the one you want and repeat all the above steps for each match type, splitting them via filters on excel).

Hope this helps Smiley Happy

... Sent from my iPhone, apologies if the filter names are not 100% accurate...
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Re: Can you find all keywords with manual bids?

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How about this. In Editor, set max CPC on all ad groups to $0 (you'll get red errors, but that's OK - you don't want to post this change anyway). Now you can go back to to Keywords tab and sort by Max CPC - all keywords without their own bid will flow to the bottom (since they are now considered to have a bid of zero). Or, run Advanced Search and set a filter of Max CPC > 0.


Revert ad group bid changes when you are done playing with keywords.

Re: Can you find all keywords with manual bids?

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Why make it simple if you can make it complicated... Or what is the other way around... Smiley Wink

Re: Can you find all keywords with manual bids?

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Yet another option...  You could use the Scripting tool within the Adwords interface to select all keywords not on the default bid CPC.



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