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Can topic and placement be used together in Display?

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Can combination of topic and managed placements be used together in Display network?

How effective it is?

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September 2015

Re: Can topic and placement be used together in Display?

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If you target a topic ( with who knows how many placements) and a single placement , the target is an intersection between them. Here could be the outcome :


1) If the placement is not considered by the system to be a part of the topic on any page, I think the impression count will be zero


2) If the placement is a part of the topic , or at least contains some pages related to the topic, you will receive impressions only from those pages that are context matched with ( placement + topic). 


So if you think that there are pages on that website/placement about the topic that you have selected, it is a good idea to setup an Ad Group with placement + topic.