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Can anybody recommend there SEO & Paid search agent?

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We are looking for a recommended person/Agent who ever who can help us with our online search presence.


Who does your SEO & paid search work? There are to many people/agency's making claims, writing there own reviews etc.

We would like to know what kind of a difference hiring somebody to do this sort of work has made for you and your business, And who can you honestly recommend as there are many sharks in the advertising pond. 



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Can anybody recommend there SEO & Paid search agent?

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In this community, we refrain from recommending any agency.  However follow the following guidelines by Google for selecting a 3rd party agency;

Advertiser guide: working with third parties

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Can anybody recommend there SEO & Paid search agent?

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Badged Google Partner

That's what I said recently in the small business community @MosheTLV, and someone told me I was an idiot for saying so. Of course, they then referred themselves. Smiley Sad Hopefully the fact that folks like @MosheTLV have shown time and again that they are honest people in this industry will give you some inspiration and motivation to find the right person for you @Supero C. Smiley Happy


Do your homework, ask questions, and find someone you are comfortable with.

Always make sure you own, and have administrative/owner access your accounts!

I would recommend avoiding long term contracts, especially because you haven't worked with anyone before.

Maybe you can find someone who will help you with some short term consultation, before you get into any kind of long term agreement? That way everyone gets something of value in the short term, but if it doesn't work out, then you're not locked into a bad situation. Smiley Happy 


Can anybody recommend there SEO & Paid search agent?

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Hi Supero C,


Moshe and Tom are spot on correct.


And along with their great insight, I would suggest you use the Google Partners search system. You can pick AdWords or Websites or Both. Pick websites and your city/town/region and review each company. If you cannot find one you like in your area, expand to the next largest city around you and keep the process going until you have 4-6 to call. Keep the process going until you have 2-3 to see in person... then pick one to work with. 


Please note that by using a badged Google Partners (through the search system), you have some level of recourse since you can report them if you feel they do something wrong against you. A badged Google Partners typically adhere to high level of care, study Google Best Practices, and avoids Blackhat techniques. You should find a agency that provides the care you are seeking. 


Best Wishes in your journey,



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