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Can I use ROAS + Location bidding adjustment concurrently?

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Hi folks,


Need some inputs from you.


I'm running a paid search campaign for an eCommerce site which KPI is obviously to drive more sales, and currently using location bid adjustment by increasing x% CPC bid for certain location based on performance at campaign-level. Simultaneously, I'm also using bid strategy of ROAS for this brand terms campaign.



Q1: Will that create any impacts or confusions for AdWords in such way? On left-side is auto-bidding (ROAS) and right-side is manual bidding (Location bid adjustment) OR do you have any better suggestions?


Q2: From my understanding, I'm giving permission for AdWords to auto-adjust my bid (despite able to set max. CPC limit) when opt-in ROAS and when I using location bid adjustment concurrently, is there a possibility system will overwrites the auto-bid of ROAS every time when I adjust the bid by x% for certain location.



The reason why we opt-in ROAS simply because we are seeing high ROI coming from brand terms and we would like to maximize it via ROAS feature and it also provides us lowest CPC in return.


Many thanks




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Re: Can I use ROAS + Location bidding adjustment concurrently?

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I have tried ROAS bidding strategy in couple of campaign which is also the primary KPI is ROAS. And this has given me mix results. One thing i realize is this bidding strategy need very realistic and close ROAS targets to current one and it takes quite sometime to learn,

There is a possibility that bidding strategy will change the CPC according to bid adjustments made by you, However there are only limited information on how exactly this flexible bidding strategy works
Usually i run mobile/bid location adjustments with manual bidding since it is the best performing method for me so far. Also another tip, give a try to implement CPA bidding strategy as well and cross the check both to identify which works better

Can I use ROAS + Location bidding adjustment concurrently?

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I just read that with auto bidding system like ROA and tCPA that bid adjustments are all disabled apart from devices, which have limited use.


So I believe the answer is no.


I;m thinking of creating campaigns to group locations and give each one a different ROAS depending on priority.