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Can I use Broad Match modifier instead of Exact and Phrase match types

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Hi all,

I am new to adwords and I am trying to set up a campaign for a company. The company specialises in home furniture. As a result I've added a campaign for "Flooring" and under this I have the following Ad groups

1. Wooden
2. Carpet
3. Lino
4. Commercial

My question relates to the Wooden Adgroup. Within the group I'm targeting the following keywords

+wooden +floor, "wooden floor", [wooden floor]

My question is what is the point of of the exact and phrase match in the above context? As I am using +wooden +floor does that not cover me if a user was to search any of the below...

- Cheap wooden floors
- Wooden flooring
- Wood floors
- Best place to for wooden floors in Dublin

I hope the question makes sense, I'd appreciate any help you can provide as I'm trying to get my head around how the different match types work together

Can I use Broad Match modifier instead of Exact and Phrase match types

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Hello Jack,


Different match types may give you a better quality score for specific searches, due to relevance.

For that reason, we add to each ad group, many relative keywords.

i.e. instead of having only +wooden +floor, you should also have +wooden +floors, +wooden +flooring etc.

Mixing different match type in the same ad group is somehow tricky unless if you control their bids very carefully. What seems to work better in most cases, is having different match types in different ad groups (different campaigns are even better) with different bidding strategies.


Because you mention that you are new to adwords, I recommend sticking with broad match modifier or phrase match for a period and then start experimenting with adding different match types to the same ad groups.


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Can I use Broad Match modifier instead of Exact and Phrase match types

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Hi @Jack C


Good question and an interesting one that will you will keep coming back to over time. There are so many varied opinions and approaches with this topic. Its actually quite a fascinating subject. 


As @Yiannis B highlights, QS is one very valid reason indeed. Another reason is control levels. For example, you are correct for the most part in the +keyword +keyword would cover you for many search terms i suspect, but what if you find one keyword term in particular that you find works and converts better for you. Unless all search terms convert exactly the same, at the same cost, which is unlikely, adding some of these search terms to exact match, with its own specific landing page and ad, and extensions may allow you to build more consistency into the strategy and therefore scalability in many cases. It may also as @Yiannis B mentioned deliver better QS and therefore higher ad rank, and quite feasibly more clicks for a lower cpc amount. 


I have seen some accounts, where some weeks ++ works super, followed by a poor week, followed by a good week and so forth. When assessing these it is almost always due to the search terms being so varied (almost lottery like) and therefore it is difficult to have such confidence in such a broad terms and generic terms such as +wooden +floor when pumping more money into that campaign since its actual searches matched could be so vast. Cheap wooden floors for example could well link to a discount page, or a page where the price ascends from small - large. 


My honest advice having seen many similar account strategies would be to very carefully refine your ad groups and architecture. Within this may hide the necessary ingredients to deliver a successful campaign opposed to one that spends quickly with less control. However, there is definitly no absolute right / wrong way here but i hope my insights give food for thought. 


Best of luck



Can I use Broad Match modifier instead of Exact and Phrase match types

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Thank you very much for your response Yannis, it's definitely helped to make things clearer. I have seen examples of account structures set up whereby the adgroups are broken down into different match types. However I think I'll stick to the basis as you recommended and work my way towards that!


Many thanks again

Can I use Broad Match modifier instead of Exact and Phrase match types

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@James Edw Goode, thank you for your helpful and insightful answer. I think the key thing is that as you said "There are so many varied opinions and approaches" it will take time and working with the data to ensure the account is structured in an optimal way. I guess it will never be perfect the first time around!


Your answer has helped me to better understand the benefits of the different match types. I've a lot to learn but I'm glad that there is such a helpful and knowledgeable community here Smiley Happy   

Can I use Broad Match modifier instead of Exact and Phrase match types

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HI @Jack C


You are very welcome. Look forward to hearing your updates Smiley Happy