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Can I use Bid strategy along with ad scheduling/Day parting?

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Hi All.  Would like to know if using Bid strategy along with ad scheduling have any impact/downside or any added benefits than not using them together?



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Can I use Bid strategy along with ad scheduling/Day parting?

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Hi Bharath,


Ad scheduling bid adjustments are not available for campaigns using an automated bid strategy. Learn more About bid adjustments.


The bid adjustment affects all bids in the campaign. When the time period of your bid adjustment is over, your normal campaign bids will be restored unless you've set other adjustments (for devices or locations, for example).


For More Detail


Hope this will help.




Can I use Bid strategy along with ad scheduling/Day parting?

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Hi @Bharath M,


Though your query is somewhat confusing as I am unable to get whether you are asking for bid adjustments with ad scheduling or ad scheduling with automated bidding strategy.


If its regarding bid adjustments with ad scheduling, make sure that your campaign bid strategy is manual or Maximize click(automated) otherwise you won't be able to implement.


If it is regarding the ad scheduling only, you can use it with both manual and automated bid strategy.

Note: Make sure that your campaign subtype is set to "All features".



**Using ad scheduling/bid adjustments with ad scheduling is always beneficial if it has been implemented after thorough analysis.


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