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Can I target multi country for site traffic

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Re: Can I target multi country for site traffic

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Hi Ashish K,

Absolutly! The AdWords geographic targeting options are set up in such a way to allow you to easily choose multiple countries.

Read more here:

Tommy Sands, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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Re: Can I target multi country for site traffic

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Whilst, as Tommy explains, this can easily be done - there are some considerations you should make.

At the campaign level you control geographic targeting - let's say you have a product for the english market and you decide to target the US, Canada, UK and Australia - perfect.... you can set the language to English (and maybe add French for Canada)... and you're good to go.

But what if you want to run your ads only during the daytime? Scheduling works at the campaign level too, but the scheduling is based on the ACCOUNT time, not the user, so if you run your ads in the UK from 9-5 they are running from midnight in California and 8pm in Australia... hmmm, now not such a good idea....

Language and time are just two things that vary between countries. What about US English and UK English.... there's lots of fun to be had there!

In general, unless you are looking at countries such as UK and Ireland, US and Canada, Australia and New Zealand - I find that the disadvantages of grouping them all together outweigh the advantages.

In my opinion it is probably better to set up your first account - for the US, say, and then simply copy/paste or use AdWords Editor to duplicate the campaign and adjust the targeting. It really isn't as much work as it might appear at first and the control is worth having.

Re: Can I target multi country for site traffic

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Hello Ashish k


Yes you can target multiple country for a site traffic.


To do that: Sign in to your Adwords account


If you want to do that for new campaign: You click on the +Campaign when you are in the Campaign Tab.

For example, see the below image, you will see a blue arrow pointing to +CAMPAIGN.


Campaign i.PNG



Then it will open the next page, where you will see the Campaign settings:   On the page you will see

Location options: Then click on Let me chose... (where the first arrow is pointing in the uploaded below image)

Then type the country you want to target in the box. The most interesting part is, it will automatically load and give you suggestion.


Campaign 2.PNG



Then you are good to go with other details require.