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Can I restrict keywords my PLA's appear for?

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I have product listing ads setup for a client who sells high end designer furniture. Now I know that I should have Ad Groups segmented by brand, product type, etc. and that I should also have a "catch all" Ad group that shows all products but with a lower bid. I also know that I can use negative keywords to filter out any keywords I'm receiving traffic from that are perhaps too broad.


However, this particular client wants his product listing ads to only appear for keywords that include a specific brand or designer within the keyword phrase. He doesn't want to appear for any keyword phrases based on generic furniture (e.g. lounge chair) that do not include a specific brand or designer that he stocks.


Now my understanding (in a nutshell) is that Adwords will show my products for keywords based on the product information from the feed. So I understand the importance of optimising the products within the feed to make appropriate references to the brands and designers. However I want to be able to pretty much guarantee that PLAs will only show for brand/designer keywords, and I don't want to have to create a massive negative keyword list that attempts to list every generic furniture term under the sun!


I can see within a PLA Ad Group that you can add keywords, however I presume this is just so that you can monitor particular keywords, in addition to the ones that are automatically showing my PLAs.


I hope all this makes sense! Can someone please shed some light on the situation, and advise how I might approach this in the context of this particular client request.


Thank you.

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Re: Can I restrict keywords my PLA's appear for?

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For PLA, search terms will be matched to words found in the Titles or descriptions of the products.

The "keywords tab" is there because you can run text Ads in parallel with PLA products, not because you can use them to filter the traffic for PLA.

However a PLA campaign can use "negative keywords" to restrict the search terms that can trigger the products.


Please read further here :


Search in page for "Create product targets" and expand the first link "Understanding product targets and keywords" . This should show up :




In the setup of PLA campaigns, the AdWords editor is your best friend because it can help you to build grannular Ad Groups down the 1 Ad group for every product, as explained here :


Good luck !

Re: Can I restrict keywords my PLA's appear for?

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That's really helpful thanks Adrian. I've read through these but will refer to them again when I look to optimise and add further PLAs.

So would you say that the key advisories to avoiding products appearing for non-brand/non-designer related keywords is to:

a). optimise product feed titles and descriptions to ensure brands/designers are appropriately referenced
b). setup Ad groups for each product or brand/category/product type, etc. and
c). with these Ad groups set up, I can then contextualize irrelevant/broad keywords more effectively, and identify which to add to the negative keyword(s) list


Re: Can I restrict keywords my PLA's appear for?

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Yes, that is correct. I wish all people would react this fast and insightful to new information like yourself Smiley Happy

Re: Can I restrict keywords my PLA's appear for?

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Ha ha. Thanks again Adrian for your advice.